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0751, 12 Jun 20

San Francisco Police Won’t Respond to Non-Violent Crimes

So if someone steals your car, steals your identity, robs your house, runs off with gas, or whatever, you’re on your own. Unless you can afford private security, I don’t know why any law-abiding person would live in this city anymore.

Additionally, the city’s police with no longer respond to calls that are non-violent in nature, with the city promising to develop a better system to deal with these kind of calls over the next year.


0751, 12 June 2020


  1. Jason

    Just when we need Max Zorin the most, 007 killed him!

  2. Kevin Scheunemann


    That is the comment of the year.


  3. jjf

    Or you could read her actual statement and be less confused and find a better understanding of what they plan to do.

    Or just to make your heads explode, there’s what AOC recently said:

    “What does an America with defunded police look like to you?”

    The good news is that it actually doesn’t take a ton of imagination.

    It looks like a suburb. Affluent white communities already live in a world where the choose to fund youth, health, housing etc more than they fund police. These communities have lower crime rates not because they have more police, but bc they have more resources to support healthy society in a way that reduces crime.

    When a teenager or preteen does something harmful in a suburb (I say teen bc this is often where lifelong carceral cycles begin for Black and Brown communities), White communities bend over backwards to find alternatives to incarceration for their loved ones to “protect their future,” like community service or rehab or restorative measures. Why don’t we treat Black and Brown people the same way? Why doesn’t the criminal system care about Black teens’ futures the way they care for White teens’ futures? Why doesn’t the news use Black people’s graduation or family photos in stories the way they do when they cover White people (eg Brock Turner) who commit harmful crimes? Affluent White suburbs also design their own lives so that they walk through the world without having much interruption or interaction with police at all aside from community events and speeding tickets (and many of these communities try to reduce those, too!)

    Just starting THERE would be a dramatically and radically different world than what we are experiencing now.

  4. Mar

    Right, jjf, use a bartender to make your case, and a racist at that.
    Obviously, AOC doesn’t read newspapers as I have seen numerous graduation pictures featuring Black and Hispanic students. Don’t see too many Asians though, but I guess they don’t count in the eyes of a liberal.
    As far as the juvenile court system, well I’ve been involved in the system as a victim and her statement just isn’t true, at least on the first offense. If a young thug, no matter what race they are, keep committing crimes, then, yes, the juvenile justice will be harsh.

  5. jjf

    Told ya it would make your head explode.

    What’s your experience with the life in the ‘burbs?

  6. Jason

    Thanks for showing us more proof that AOC is completely out of touch with reality.  Good job sparky!

  7. jjf

    You think she is inaccurately describing life in the ‘burbs?

  8. jonnyv

    Great example of how the suburbs are different is of one of my close friend’s kid. Good kid in general. But had a small stint when he was 19 where he was a bit wild.
    1. Bounced a check
    2. OWI
    3. Ran from police after a party got busted out in the sticks, and got caught.
    4.  2nd OWI a year later & driving while revoked.

    I think he spent a total of 1 night in jail.

    This was 12 years ago. Since then he got his act together and is a dad and an upstanding guy. Guess what, his dad basically paid some REALLY good attorneys and it didn’t hurt that he was a white kid from the burbs.

    He had the luxury of a wealthy parent and being white. And getting tried in the northern suburbs of Milwaukee. Had that happened in the city, without the advantages that he had behind him, he would probably have served a few months, if not a year or so in jail. Or, he could be DEAD from running from the police.

  9. Mar

    Looks like jjf’s head just exploded.
    Now, clean it up.

  10. Mar

    So, Jonny, if the kid had a wealthy parent but was black, had the best lawyers and committed the same crimes, you don’t he would have gotten the same results?
    And I doubt the kid just spent a night in jail, but probably not a month either. My guess, with plea bargaining and no other criminal record, I think most would have gotten close to whatever he got.

  11. Mar

    What’s your experience with the life in the ‘burbs?
    Who is that for?
    Other than growing up in the suburbs of Milwaukee, I’ve lived the rest of my life in poor neighborhoods.
    What’s your point?

  12. Jason

    >You think she is inaccurately describing life in the ‘burbs?


    It’s obvious I don’t. Just as it’s obvious that you do.  Your intellectual prowess in stunning Foust, you should apply that power to be best.

  13. dad29

    Had that happened in the city, without the advantages that he had behind him, he would probably have served a few months, if not a year or so in jail.

    Oh.  And you know that with Biblical certainty because…………..?

    Black folks with REALLY good lawyers go directly to jail, right?


  14. jjf

    Dad29, how many times have you ever said “I know a guy.”

  15. dad29

    As to the topic at hand, IIRC the SF D.A., another Commie-family product, will not prosecute non-violent (property) crimes.  So the cop-shop did the sensible thing and stopped wasting time and money on them.

  16. Mar

    I’m starting to think the cops should not respond to anything unless it is life threatening.
    Yesterday, in Atlanta, a cop killed a Black man who stole the cop’s taser gun, ran and then pointed the taser at the cop.
    Well, that was a an appropriate outcome. If the guy shot the cop with the taser at the cop and hits them, that will disable the cop. That also means the thug could then steal the cop’s gun.
    But the moronic mayor of Atlanta is demanding the cop be fired and said the cop was not justified in shooting
    She is so full of that it is backing up out her mouth.
    So, why should cops go on bad calls? It can risk their lives and risk their jobs and could even go to prison.

  17. dad29

    We disagree.  The Taser is non-lethal so lethal force was not required.  AND there were two cops which would have prevented “theft”.

    The cop reacted very badly indeed and got fired.  Appropriate.

    Do I think he should go down for 1st-degree murder?  Hell, no.  Maybe manslaughter; the goblin precipitated a reaction which–while wrong–was not pre-meditated and which arguably was a ‘conditioned response.’

  18. Mar

    So, Dad, the cop should have just let himself to be tasered and hope his partner would take care of the problem?
    Both of the cops were overpowered by the thug in the first place.
    And then, because it was dark out, did the cop know it was the taser the thug was pointed at the cop or a gun. If you only had less than 1 second to decide, the cop decided he was going to go home that night instead of the morgue.

  19. dad29

    the cop should have just let himself to be tasered

    The goblin was running and attempted to shoot the Taser while turning around and continuing to run.  It fired and missed, as one would expect.

    The lighting in the videos was good enough so that anyone watching them KNEW the perp was using a big, yellow, clunky, Taser.  If it was good enough for US to see, the cop certainly noticed that.

    You stated that if the perp managed to hit his target with the Taser, the perp could steal the cop’s gun.  Yes, I DO FULLY expect that the second cop would prevent that from happening.  So ‘stealing the gun’ is not an issue.

    Finally:  the cop who shot the perp was NOT the target of the attempted-Tasering; he was a few feet further away–in even less danger from a Taser–and he also had a clear view of the events.

    Like I said, the cop should be charged with manslaughter and it is entirely possible that he will be found “not guilty” based on whatever training he had–and on your argument that he may have thought his life was in immediate danger.  I happen to think that it was NOT in immediate danger, but then, neither of us has seen all the video evidence frame-by-frame yet.

  20. Mar

    Dad, we are presuming many things. You stand by what you say and I will stand by my opinion.
    I don’t think the cop will be charged. If he is, he will be found not guilty.

  21. Mar

    I might add, Dad, I am glad you have such cat like reflexes that you could have processed what you said in about a half a second. That is impressive.

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