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2151, 17 Apr 20

Favorite Protest Sign of the Day


2151, 17 April 2020


  1. Mar

    I really know that feeling. It is preposterous that barber shops and salons have been shut down.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    Dirty liberal hippies have always been against a good haircut. Just a shame liberals found a way to implement their dirty hippieness.

  3. MjM

    Well, I’m starting to look like I did in the mid-70s. Just a ‘little’ grayer.

    Rock on, man.

  4. Le Roi du Nord

    Well Dr. k, once again you take a gratuitous and unwarranted shot at any and all you disagree with for no other reason than to perpetuate your insecurities.

    BTW, I never wore my hair long, still don’t. So by your standards I’m not a liberal, right?

  5. Kevin Scheunemann


    If you are making the case you are a “clean” liberal…I will be skeptical of that position until I see the evidence.


    Settle down, I was being a little tongue and cheek…in both comments.

  6. Le Roi du Nord

    What kind of an upbringing did you have Dr. k, where it is humorous to make fun of someone else’s appearance? Not very christian. Awful. Just awful.

  7. Kevin Scheunemann


    If you have any reading comprehension, I make fun of the long held policy position in practice, not the people.

    …even in the last comment directed at you, it was a dig, albeit gentle and slight,  at your rigid science belief system.

    I guess all humor is dead, yet another liberal policy problem destroying America.




  8. Le Roi du Nord

    Dr. k:

    You are dodging the question again. No surprise.

  9. Jason

    >where it is humorous to make fun of someone else’s appearance?


    Ironic you say that, with how you have referred to President Trump in the past….  and how others have referred to him here, and you have remained silent.   It’s almost like you have some type of uncontrollable urge to get the last word in at every post made bu Kevin.    Pass.

  10. Le Roi du Nord


    I have questioned trumps behavior, intelligence, and leadership ability, but not his appearance. You are having a bad week, eh j?

  11. Jason

    >and how others have referred to him here, and you have remained silent.

    You’re having a bad life dummy.

  12. Le Roi du Nord

    I’ve got a fine life. Beautiful wife, great kids and grand kids. You are sounding pretty jealous . Get smart. Stay safe.

  13. Jason

    Your poor family. They have my pity.

  14. Mar

    :I have questioned trumps behavior, intelligence, and leadership ability, but not his appearance. You are having a bad week, eh j?”
    Wait. What? Have you never called President Trump “orange”
    Lying again Le Roi?

  15. Kevin Scheunemann

    When you ask a non-stupid question, I will answer.

    I would not expect you to answer the question: when did you stop listening to your wife?

  16. Le Roi du Nord


    And I didn’t call him uneducated, either.

    Dr. k:

    You can’t help yourself can you? And you want folks to take you seriously.

  17. Kevin Scheunemann


    I can’t help myself when it comes to confronting total dishonesty about facts.

    You seem to be worse than CNN these days.

    No one should answer slanted, pre-supposition questions from those dishonest, godless, liberals either.

  18. Le Roi du Nord

    Dr. k:

    What facts would that be? Or are you afraid or unable to answer yet another simple question? Calling others names doesn’t enhance your credibility, experience or imagination.

  19. Kevin Scheunemann


    You might be the most humorless person on the planet.

    Sorry you are so delicate.

  20. jjf

    Who Would Jesus Bully?

  21. Kevin Scheunemann


    I’ll bite. Where was there “bullying” on this thread?

    There are liberals with no sense of humor, “bullying”? no.

  22. jjf

    “Sorry you’re so delicate.”  Is that in Luke or Mark?

    And then there’s all the guns at these protests.  Pure attempt at intimidation.

  23. Jason

    >Pure attempt at intimidation


    Poor Johnny, intimidated at inanimate objects like Guns and Books.

  24. jjf

    Good thing they weren’t carrying at all those BLM protests, right?

  25. Jason

    >Good thing they weren’t carrying at all those BLM protests, right?

    I wouldn’t care if they had been.  Guns don’t scare me little one.

  26. Le Roi du Nord

    Dr. k:

    You really can’t help yourself, can you? Was is your upbringing that encouraged you to call others names? Religious or political affiliation? Or just your insecurity? Now that we know that being civil is beyond your control we can all look at you in a different light.

  27. Jason

    >You really can’t help yourself, can you?


    Funny that you say that when all you do is chase Kevin around all day scolding him.  You probably won’t grasp what I’ve just said, I’m actually saying for the benefit of everyone else that follows.

  28. Kevin Scheunemann


    How easily offended are you?   Indicating someone is too “delicate” to very mild humor is now “bullying”?  Wow. Just wow.


    I’ll bite.   Where was I “incivil”on this thread?

  29. Le Roi du Nord

    No j, I don’t chase k around. He does a fine job of chasing his own tail. And you are his able assistant. Bravo!

  30. Kevin Scheunemann


    Just trying to probe the depths of your verboten speech in your hyper political correctness.

    It’s a dirty job, but someone has to expose it.

    You never, ever disappoint in your PC cancer.

  31. jjf

    Kevin, look inside your heart.  What are you trying to do when you call someone “delicate?”  You’re being Christ-like?

  32. Le Roi du Nord

    Dr. k:

    So now I have cancer?  You really can’t help yourself, can you?

  33. Jason

    >So now I have cancer?  You really can’t help yourself, can you?


    More chasing from the town idiot.

  34. Kevin Scheunemann


    If Nord was a grief stricken widow that is one thing.   He is a hardened, very wordly, aggressive, attacking liberal…that is completely another thing.

    So context is important.  Don’t tell me he is bruised by that word after all the things he has said in the past to others.      That kind of hogwash stinks worse than the #meetoo movment treatment of Joe Biden.

    So let’s cut the nonsense here.


    You have PC cancer of ideas if you think my mild joke/humor is offensive.   When you run around crying “offended” to try and halt speech, or even mild humor…yes, that is a total cancer on the civil discourse.

  35. jjf

    If he’s so tough, why are you trying to ridicule him by saying he’s not tough?  What’s your context, your intent here?

  36. Le Roi du Nord


    And you run around calling folks marxists, communists, murderers, stupid, morons, idiots, liberals, liars, fascists, yada, yada, yada.  And you say we are the “cancer on civil discourse”.  That makes you highly hypocritical, and far from the poster child for civil discourse.

  37. Kevin Scheunemann


    I am saying he is being ridiculous that such innocuous humor triggers him so badly.  If he can’t laugh at something so simple…toughen up.


    If someone believes in innocent baby killing….what are they, besides a “murderer”?

    If someone openly lies, what else are they, besides a “liar”?

    If someone is a liberal, Marxist, communist, is it bad to label them for what they are?  Are they ashamed of the true nature of their policy position?

    You just want to pretty reality up into something it is not?  That would be PC cancer.

    Could you point out one example where I called anyone an “idiot”, “stupid” or a “moron”?   I did label your question “stupid” above, because it was dishonest.   I did not call you “stupid”.   There is a big difference.  I think you are very crafty in your godlessness.

  38. Mar


  39. jjf

    Kevin, you’re not making a joke when you tell someone they’re “delicate.”  You’re trying to insult them.  You’re trying to make them feel “no, I’m not delicate, because delicate is supposed to be bad.”  Or if I’m wrong, tell me what you really intend to do when you do that.

    Same for Mar and his “snowflakes.”

  40. Jason

    Same for Little Johnny and his “Oh no I can’t go to Fuddruckers”.  Ironic.

  41. Le Roi du Nord


    When you call someone one of your humorous pet names, but those folks aren’t a fascist, or a communist, or a murderer, or whatever your insult of the day is, what does that make you?  And what gives you the right, based on comments here on B&S, to make the determination that someone you have never met is what you claim?  Or are you again assuming things that aren’t true?

    If you want a civil discourse quit the grade school name calling.

  42. Jason

    >If you want a civil discourse quit the grade school name calling.

    Waste of time, you don’t want civil discourse.  Especially on anything that Kevin comments in.  I bet you think about comebacks while you’re napping on the front porch with your teeth soaking in your brandy.

  43. jjf

    Jason, you prefer Applebees?

  44. Jason

    I asked for no onions on my bourbon steak.

  45. jjf

    That’s what this is really about, isn’t it?  You don’t know how to cook?

  46. Jason

    Whoosh.  But never pass up an opportunity to insult while complaining about others being insulting.    Good libturd.

  47. Kevin Scheunemann


    I did not say they are delicate because of joke. I said they are delicate in being triggered by the innocuous joke.

    Again, big difference. In terms of universe of “insults”, the word “delicate” is where you take your stand? Really?

    How “delicate” are you?

  48. Kevin Scheunemann


    Let’s visit your PC universe.

    Can I call Bernie Sanders a “socialist”, “communist” or “liberal? Why or why not?

  49. jjf

    Just asking, Jason.  I like to assume you’re still teachable.

    Kevin, why is that a joke, why is it funny?  Again, what are you accomplishing by calling someone “delicate”?  You think they shouldn’t have the reaction they had, because your joke was so funny?

  50. Le Roi du Nord


    Bernie says he is a democratic socialist.  Why not call him what he says he is?  Or Senator Sanders? Or Mr. Sanders?  Or former candidate for president Sanders?

    Be smart.  Be safe.  Be sane.

  51. Mar

    Le ROI, he is not a Democrat Socialist. That’s a made up term. Bernie is a hard core socialist for the masses but not for himself. He is your very typical socialist leader.
    I can say I am Brett Farve but in reality, I am not.

  52. jjf

    “Made up term.”  What do you mean by that?


  53. Mar

    jjf, it was invented so Bernie would seem more palatable to voters as he ran for president.

  54. Kevin Scheunemann


    That is a pleasant term to make socialism, communism, liberalism more palatable.

    Why lie about his policy?  You act like the truth is an insult.

  55. Le Roi du Nord


    ‘made up term”  Not so.  We are all surprised that someone as highly educated as you is unaware of the history behind the term.  Disappointing to say the least, but there is always the opportunity to learn from your errors.


    Your link doesn’t work.

  56. Mar

    Then Le Roi, I will correct myself, unlike you, jjf and Pat.
    Democrat socialist is a term that is new to today’s mainstream politics in the United States.

  57. Kevin Scheunemann

    Prevent Bernie from soft pedaling his cruel ideology.

    Why do you aide and abet the leftist inflicted suffering?


  58. Le Roi du Nord


    I didn’t make the false claim here, you did.  I have no need to correct myself, nor do jjf and Pat.   You brought this on yourself.

  59. Le Roi du Nord


    Your link is not relevant to Bernie, nor the term democratic socialist.  Did you even read what it was about?

  60. jjf

    Wait, I’ll not read it, either.  Is it about the leftist ideology of places like England?

  61. Mar

    So, you never lie. Bahahaha that is so darn laughable. You lie constantly. Pat lied at least once and jjf offers opinions, which are usually wrong but at least he offers up some evidence with his opinions.
    But you just lie and lie and lie.
    And you are still perfect, never won a debate or conservation. You are still a perfect 0 for forever.

  62. Le Roi du Nord


    You are correct, I have never won a “conservation”.

    Be smart. Stay safe.

  63. Kevin Scheunemann


    So this is all about your distaste with me appropriately attaching awful leftist ideology to the cruel history of past abuses of socialist/communist governments?

    All the people who testify at are similarly, and fully criticized by yoy, and you have no compassion for the leftist ideological hells they escaped from?

    You demand I PC soft pedal utter evil, by calling it “democratic socialism” to aide in making more leftist victims telling their heroic story of escape from leftist ideological hell at

    Awful. Just awful.

    Find some compassion by calling out good and evil in policy. Stop watering down evil as good and stop trying to label good (free market economics) as evil. And stop lecturing me about the terms I am suppose to use to describe leftist ideological evil.

  64. Kevin Scheunemann

    And Nord,

    Many victims of Cuba are on Bernie constantly praised Cuba for decades! Even this year! Don’t tell me with a straight face that “democratic socialism” is any different than communist thuggery in Cuba. Bernie never criticized Cuba in the slightest, or honestly, as awful evil. He still had high praise for USSR in his most recent presidential campaign!

    So stop it with your disgusting PC language soft pedal demands. It makes me openly vomit.

  65. Pat


    You’re free to give an opinion but your opinions are not factual. You have yet to provide a specific lie that I made. Why do you bear false witness?

  66. jjf

    Kevin, where’s the web site with a list of the awful lefty countries who didn’t kill millions?  What wisdom can we find from history and analysis that might explain why some countries did that, and others didn’t?

  67. Jason

    >where’s the web site with a list of the awful lefty countries who didn’t kill millions?  

    It’s hosted in the same cloud as your site that shows how many ICU beds we are short if we hadn’t shut down TJMaxx around the country.

  68. Mar

    Pat, I thought we were done, oh well.
    I provided you several examples of the lies. The ambulance was not blocked, the doctor never came out, no one laughed because the ambulance was blocked. You never provided a source and you just linked a couple of photos that proved nothing at all. You never walked it back, which is another lie.
    Meanwhile we gave you quotes and links proving your story was not true.
    You could have said my source was wrong and you never did.
    There, now, I hope we are done with it.

  69. jjf

    It’s just a mystery, Jason, as to why Sweden hasn’t killed a great fraction of its citizens.  Who can know, who can discern a difference between them and the old USSR in the 1950s?

  70. Pat

    “Pat, I thought we were done”

    I though so too, but you brought it up again.

  71. Pat


    You still have not provided a specific lie I made. Why do you bear false witness?

    Awful. Just awful.

  72. Kevin Scheunemann


    Why don’t you compile a list of communist countries that don’t kill their people.

    I have zero on my list….


  73. Mar

    Awful, just awful, that you cannot read.

  74. jjf

    I’m no fan of the communists.  Never have been.  And then there’s the people who pretend that everyone to the left of them must be a communist and a comm-symp.  Awful.  Just awful.  Intellectually lazy, unwilling to learn, discern.

  75. Mar

    jjf, serious question. Do you think that the governors who locked down their state, Republicans and Democrats, are acting more like communists (except the killing part, obviously) than a representative government?

  76. jjf

    This country has always tried to strike a balance between state’s rights and Federalism.  You’re in a republic.  Governors have been granted all sorts of powers to protect the public.  So when you use the word “communists” what do you mean?  That they’re being authoritarian?  It’s not about the means of production and classes, is it?

    If Evers had done nothing, the WisGOP would still complain that he should’ve done something.

  77. Pat

    Oh, I can can read, but you never provided a specific lie I personally made. You may find an article I provided as being inaccurate, which is your opinion. My opinion is that it was accurate.

    Of course, we can argue about this ad nauseam some more if you’d like. It’s up to you.

  78. Mar

    If Evers did nothing, the GOP should have yelled. But there is a middle ground instead of the draconian actions many governors took.

  79. jjf

    Or as Ayn put it, “In any compromise between food and poison, it is only death that can win. In any compromise between good and evil, it is only evil that can profit.”

  80. Mar

    Isn’t it a little early to hit the bourbon, jjf?

  81. Pat

    Trump just tweeted:

    “I have instructed the United States Navy to shoot down and destroy any and all Iranian gunboats if they harass our ships at sea.”

    Shoot down gunboats???

  82. Merlin

    Our Iranian friends have been accused by their neighbors of launching drones from gunboats, with “gunboats” being a somewhat vague term. They’re often not easily identifiable as combat vessels.

    Allowing them to exercise any drone activity in proximity to either commercial shipping or combat patrols is very unwise. These same types of Iranian craft have also been accused of coming alongside commercial vessels and planting magnetic water-level mines that are later detonated remotely from safe distance.

    Changing the rules of engagement is long overdue. Doesn’t matter a bit whether we fire up, down, or sideways as long as the target ceases to exist. If there’s any question about who is about to die, let it always be them.

  83. Mar

    I saw the tweet and wondered the same thing first. But then, how you would say it? He cannot say blow the little piss ants out of the water.

  84. Le Roi du Nord


    Look at how they scramble to rationalize another trump fumble. Those gunboats probably took off from the Revolutionary War British airports….

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