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2235, 19 Apr 20

Non-Profits Being Hit by Government Lockdown

Given that the government lockdown has obliterated trillions of dollars out of our economy, there just isn’t as much money for non-profits and charities.

Only this year, much of the food, stages, midways and taps of beer in plastic cups are being added to the growing list of lost opportunities as community festivals and other special events are scrubbed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Dozens more are in jeopardy, due to social distancing guidelines.

The losses bring not only disappointment, and more boredom, for a sequestered state. They also mean less money for the nonprofits that rely on the spring and summer staples for large chunks of their yearly budgets.


2235, 19 April 2020


  1. Mar

    Meanwhile, with the dumb ass restrictions in place during the lockdown, more people are in need of food and other necessities.
    This is a liberal dream come true. More people depending on the government.

  2. Merlin

    Make it hurt.

    Non-profits and charities are a very real obstacle for the nanny-staters looking to increase the public’s dependency on government. Do-gooders not asking for anything in return for their kindness are a direct threat. Nanny-staters would much prefer to have theirs be the only hands offering help and being free to define the terms of that help. They’re not going to let the current opportunity go to waste.

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