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1010, 20 May 19

Conservatives Win Majorities in Australia

Do you notice how when conservatives win the media always portrays it as a “shock” or “unexpected” or “surprise?” It is their way of continuing to portray conservatives as out of the mainstream or unnatural – as if electoral victories by conservatives are wrong. The only thing that makes it a surprise is that their polls are as biased as their reporting so the reporters didn’t see it coming.

Australia’s ruling conservative coalition is set to secure a governing majority in its shock election victory over the centre-left Labor Party, the national broadcaster ABC projected Monday.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s Liberal-National coalition will hold at least 77 seats in the 151-member lower house, one more than needed to govern on its own, ABC’s election analysts projected.

The coalition will not hold a majority in the Senate, the upper house, meaning it will need the support of independents and minor parties to pass legislation.


1010, 20 May 2019

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  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    It surprises the elitist, godless, baby murdering advocating, liberal media.

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