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1706, 20 May 19

Drone Warning


‘Be cautious when purchasing [drone] technology from Chinese manufacturers as they can contain components that can compromise your data and share your information on a server accessed beyond the company itself,’ the advisory says.

The warning from U.S. DHS that’s titled ‘Chinese Manufactured Unmanned Aircraft Systems’ warns that sensitive flight data might be sent to their manufacturers in China, where it can be accessed by the government

DJI drones at the 3rd World Intelligence Congress, one of the most important hi-tech exhibitions in China showing the latest development and innovations in Intelligence technology, was held in Tianjin from May 16 to May 19

‘Organisations that conduct operations impacting national security or the Nation’s critical functions must remain especially vigilant as they may be at greater risk of espionage and theft of proprietary information,’ the alert also adds.

Nearly 80% of the drones used in the U.S. and Canada come from DJI, which is headquartered in Shenzhen, as reported by CNN.


1706, 20 May 2019


  1. Jason

    I feel this is applicable to any Chinese electronic device that is capable of networking. Of course we all should be 100% suspicious of any device capable of networking, regardless of county of manufacture.

    The issue here is that DJI is such a leader, and a high end name brand, in the business.

  2. Mar

    But, but, Joe Biden says China isn’t the problem. They’re not the competition.

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