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0850, 20 May 19

Evers Stokes Division with Legislature

What a stupid and easily-disprovable accusation for Evers’ mouthpiece to throw out.

BY SCOTT BAUER, Associated Press

OSHKOSH, Wis. (AP) — Democratic Gov. Tony Evers’ spokeswoman accused Republican legislative leaders Saturday of refusing to work with the governor’s chief of staff because she is a woman, leading the GOP lawmakers to call the charge “asinine” and “clueless.”

The back and forth came after Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald detailed at the Wisconsin Republican Party convention what they said was a strained relationship with the new governor, who is in his fifth month in office. Vos called Evers “out of touch” and Fitzgerald said his office hasn’t figured out how to work with lawmakers.

“There’s a real disconnect on all different levels with this governor,” Fitzgerald said. Fitzgerald said he and Vos have only met with Evers twice for five minutes since January.

Evers “has communicated repeatedly to GOP leadership that they should work with his chief of staff, just like they did under the previous governor,” said his spokeswoman Melissa Baldauff. “That directive wasn’t confusing to them when the chief of staff was a man.”

Everyone who served as chief of staff under former Gov. Scott Walker, a Republican, was a man. Evers’ chief of staff is Maggie Gau, who ran his campaign and previously worked for Democrats in the Legislature.

“Vos and Fitzgerald are clearly uncomfortable or simply unwilling to work with a leadership team made up entirely of women,” Baldauff said.

Fitzgerald, in a statement, called the accusation “completely asinine.”

“The most powerful senator on the budget committee is a woman, and perhaps they’d know that if someone from the governor’s team was actually engaged in budget negotiations,” Fitzgerald said, referring to Republican state Sen. Alberta Darling.

Vos, in a tweet, pointed out that his chief of staff, communications director and policy director are all women.

“Evers staff – Clueless,” Vos tweeted.


0850, 20 May 2019


  1. jjf

    Because calling the Governor’s staff “clueless” isn’t “stoking division.”

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    Typical liberals.

  3. MHMaley

    Fitz just doesn’t want to work with any living person who’s a Democrat .

    I feel his pain that his buddy lost .
    Elections have consequence , In told .

    The faux outrage is funny .

  4. Jason

    >Because calling the Governor’s staff “clueless” isn’t “stoking division.”

    After being slandered by a team of idiots? I’d congratulate him for taking the high road. Unless you really think their accusations are accurate?

  5. jjf

    Jason, I think we can solve this “who started it” debate by ignoring the Walker years and blaming it on that darn Jim Doyle!

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