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0642, 28 Apr 16

Trump’s Foreign Policy Speech

This about sums up my reaction.

The most remarkable aspect of Donald Trump’s foreign policy speech was that someone actually wrote it out and put it in the teleprompter. It was so filled with internal contradictions, falsehoods and genuinely crazy assertions that one would have thought Trump was speaking extemporaneously. It was a vivid display as to why he is thoroughly unprepared to become commander in chief.


0642, 28 April 2016


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    In other words, typical Donald Trump.

    I detested Dole, and McCain as past Republican nominees, but they sure look good now next to Trump.

    Indiana is going to have to save the nation next week.

  2. old baldy

    Dole sure does look good compared to any of the current crop of R’s. McCain was ok until he picked caribou barbie as a running mate. What an anchor around your neck.

    I’m sure war heros Like Dole and McCain were really concerned about your opinion of them.

  3. Mark maley

    Any candidate who goes to the Milan HS gym
    ( the HS that is the basis of “Hoosiers”) and calls the rim a “ring” will burn in hellfire for that offense in the minds of Hoosier Bball fans ( meaning everyone in the state )

    I understand the need for a TelePrompter
    Because Trump never has really thought about foreign policy other than letting Russia handle Syria

    But I do agree that the speech was a strange mix of bravado and dovishness
    And that Trump looked remarkably uncomfortable giving it

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