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1738, 28 Apr 16

Feingold Won’t Reveal Primary Vote

As someone who wants a job whose primary responsibility is to take public votes on contentious issues, it seems odd that Feingold is so secretive about this one.

U.S. Senate hopeful Russ Feingold is refusing to say whether he voted for Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders in Wisconsin’s Democratic presidential primary earlier this month.


1738, 28 April 2016


  1. Pat

    I guess the reasoning would be in primaries, votes are cast by secret ballot, and votes in the House and Senate are representative votes, which are not cast by secret ballet. One you have the right to know about, and the other you don’t.

    That being said, when the article is read in it’s entirety, you can pretty well draw a conclusion as to how he voted.

  2. Kris Beaver

    Well said Pat. Honestly owen, you lose credibility when you say ridiculous stuff like this.

  3. Mark maley

    Russ needs all of the Bernie vote so a straddle seems appropriate

    The state organization is one of the few in the country who actually stopped Trump

    If Trump is the Presidential candidate , RoJo is dead meat in Wisc

  4. Northern Pike

    Anyone know how Scott Walker voted in the 2012 Republican primary for U.S. Senate?

  5. Kevin Scheunemann


    Let your secret Bernie out.

    Embrace it openly.

    Why are socialists ashamed of their true destructive policy tendancies, except for Bernie?

    That’s why I respect Bernie. He embraces his socialist policy destruction for the nation gleefully. That takes courage.

    Hillary and Feingold are ashamed of the eventual result of their policies, becuase only power matters.

  6. old baldy

    “Hillary and Feingold are ashamed of the eventual result of their policies, becuase (sic) only power matters.”

    And you are going to tell the world that power doesn’t matter to trump and cruz? Hilarious !!

  7. Kevin Scheunemann


    Policies advocated by Cruz will not destroy the economy, unlike Hillary and Bernie.

  8. old baldy


    Bombing Iran until the sand glows will do wonders for our economy, just like the two unfunded wars of cheney/bush. But if you say so, it must be true.

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