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1922, 27 Apr 16

Justice Prosser Retiring

This is unexpected.

Supreme Court Justice David Prosser, a conservative whose opinions helped solidify a series of controversial changes in state law in recent years but was also known for his physical confrontation with a colleague, announced Wednesday he would retire in July.

Prosser’s retirement comes after 18 years on the court and five years before his current 10-year term ends. Gov. Scott Walker will need to appoint a justice to replace Prosser, part of the court’s 5-2 right-leaning majority.

State law requires Walker’s appointee to serve until the next spring election that does not have a Supreme Court justice on the ballot, according to Walker spokesman Jack Jablonski, which is 2020.

Prosser is a good justice who served the people well for a very long time. Unfortunately, he has been unjustly maligned for the past several years. Wisconsin owes him a thank you for his service. He;s still young enough to have a long, happy retirement.


1922, 27 April 2016


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