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1433, 05 Nov 15

“No Boots on the Ground”


1433, 05 November 2015


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Obama lied.

    If he would not have surrendered Iraq to ISIS, this would not be an issue right now.

  2. scott

    If you’re on team W, I have zero regard for your opinion on military or foreign policy matters. No, less than zero. Whatever you say I immediately think it’s probably wrong.

    The most salient reason for the current problems in the region–especially and including ISIS–is the disastrous policies of the previous administration. Not that Obama has done everything right, but for supporters of W to criticize? No. Not having it.

    Come to Jesus and admit the sins of your guy. Then maybe I’ll give you the time of day when you criticize someone else.

  3. Kevin Scheunemann


    So you don’ t support Obama putting ” boots on the ground” here?

    Wouldn’t this action make Obama like “team W”? (only worse because Obama has no will to win, which team W had.)

  4. Owen

    If you’re on team W, I have zero regard for your opinion on military or foreign policy matters. No, less than zero. Whatever you say I immediately think it’s probably wrong.”

    That’s an utterly emotional and mindless perspective. It’s something Seriously could have written.

  5. scott

    Then you haven’t been reading his comments, Owen. I stand by it. When I see Dick Cheney on TV telling me something about the middle east, I immediately think “Why is this guy on TV? Who thinks it’s a good idea to listen to HIM? Not me.” I’m not blaming anyone for supporting the Iraq war. I supported it myself–very vocally. But as we learned more, I realized my mistake. Those who didn’t realize their mistake are people I don’t listen to anymore.

  6. old baldy

    not too serious:

    Iraq was invaded because Cheney/Bush drummed up enough support on both sides by using lies and knowingly false information. Didn’t you pay any attention back then?

    And you really need to increase your vocabulary and get a handle on the use of the English language. And maybe study up on the constitution as well. Just because someones opinion is different than yours doesn’t mean they forfeit the right to free speech. The right to free speech is guaranteed in the Constitution (and amendments), just as is your right to be incredibly stupid.

  7. Owen

    Y’all can litigate the Iraq War if you want. It’s an interesting discussion for historians at this point. I’m a bit more concerned with the present and future of America.

  8. scott

    True, no need to litigate. Just saying I know who I trust and who I don’t. Between Republican’s tortured accounting of W’s record and what Iv’e seen onstage at your debates… I’m for sure not having whatever they’re recommending.

    Which reminds me. Hardly a word on the blog about the candidates and their debates. Why? The rest of the world has been exploding with news on the subject for months. But you’d never know it was happening by reading B&S. Embarrassed?

  9. Owen

    Just not that interested yet. I’m generally more interested in policy and things that matter. So far, there’s been very little of that.

  10. scott

    Are there no standards here at all?

  11. Owen

    Seriously… seriously? Seriously! Knock it off.

  12. old baldy

    none too serious:

    No comb over or toupee here; I’m proud of my pate.

  13. John Foust

    Can’t believe I heard a history buff say “the past doesn’t matter [except to historians]”.

    The present and future of America is still quite tied to past wars in many ways: financial debts, future ongoing expenses in lingering military actions, and all the political after-effects.

  14. Seriously

    Fuck you, Scott. You have no right to whine about standards.

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