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0705, 05 Nov 15

JFC Approves More Road Borrowing

Argh… more money stolen from our kids being spent with virtually no effort at controlling spending. The road builders have politicians from both parties by the short hairs.

All four Democrats on the Legislature’s budget committee joined six Assembly Republicans on Wednesday to approve borrowing $350 million for big-ticket road projects — including the Verona Road/Beltline Highway project and widening Interstate 39/90.

Six Senate Republicans voted against the plan.

At the same time, Democrats slammed Gov. Scott Walker and the Republican majority for not developing a long-term plan sooner to pay for major road projects, including raising the state’s gas tax.


0705, 05 November 2015


  1. old baldy

    This is a terrible and short-sighted decision by Joint Finance. I have tried to speak to my guy Nygren about this but hasn’t responded in several months. The Assembly R, and D that voted for it, and walker should be deluged with opposition to try to make some changes to this proposal. Walker doesn’t want “tax increase” anywhere on his resume, and puppets like Nygren are falling for it. Why not raise the gas tax, put the indexing back in the formula, and stop borrowing against our grandchildrens future? Now walker can brag about “kicking the can down the road”.

  2. dad29

    Apparently your Rep. Grothman is still owned by the RoadBuilders, except now he’s voting to borrow BILLIONS instead of millions.

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