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0639, 06 Nov 15

Washington County Votes for Tax Decrease

This is a positive thing to wake up to today.

It was a struggle, but after a more than a two-and-a-half hour debate Washington County supervisors Thursday night finally approved the budget for 2016 that includes another tax cut.

Several amendments were offered during the lengthy meeting at the county courthouse, but a final budget was approved that calls for the mill rate to decline nine cents from about $2.69 per thousand in 2015 to about $2.60 per thousand in 2016. The rate change means that for a home with the median value of about $226,000 the average county-wide tax on the home would be $589 — a $21 reduction from 2015 when the same home would have paid $610 to Washington County.

In a year when county officials could have increased tax revenue with little impact on taxpayers to offset increases in the cost of doing business, the 2016 budget reduces the county’s tax levy by $250,000.

The total tax levy for 2016 will be about $35,176,000.


0639, 06 November 2015


  1. Steve Austin

    Owen–thank you.

    There are times where I feel like had you and this blog were not been around the past decade, we’ve have a 1% County sales tax in place and giant countywide library located next to the fair grounds along with a newly expanded 50 person full time county board.

  2. old baldy

    I don’t think you should thank Owen for there not being a 1% sales tax. I’m pretty sure counties can only impose a .5% sales tax. Let’s see if he takes credit……

  3. old baldy

    not too serious:

    No one, ever, has accused me of having a fat tush. If I did I wouldn’t have to cinch up my belt so tight. Poor try. Have at it again…

  4. scott

    You know, for a minute there I really thought it was going to be that simple. That all it would take is one brief warning and this nonsense would stop. I don’t know what I was thinking.

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