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1728, 24 Jul 15

Inspector General: Clinton Had Classified Information on Private Server

So… 10% of the sample had classified information? Perhaps that’s why a government official using a private email account is not permitted.

Washington (CNN)The inspector general for the intelligence community has informed members of Congress that some material Hillary Clinton emailed from her private server contained classified information, but it was not identified that way.

Because it was not identified, it is unclear whether Clinton realized she was potentially compromising classified information.

The IG reviewed a “limited sampling” of her emails and among those 40 reviewed found that “four contained classified [intelligence community] information,” wrote the IG Charles McCullough in a letter to Congress.

We have to assume that everything in Clinton’s communications for her entire tenure of Secretary of State has been compromised and is in the hands of our enemies.


1728, 24 July 2015


  1. Steve Austin

    So ironic that the woman who cut her teeth going after Nixon basically has been a mirror image of Nixon all along.

    I used to think she’d be a formidable candidate but on the trail she’s looking old, shrill and will likely have a bloody primary with Bernie Sanders.

    Just wondering who else might jump in the ring.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    Treason is the word for this.

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