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2139, 04 Jun 15

Chinese Using Drones to Detect Cheating

There are so many uses for drones… of course, one might just require the students to surrender their devices before the test. Or detonate an EMP… whatever.

Schools in the Chinese province of Luoyang decided to prove they’re a little smarter than cheating kids. The schools know that kids might try to use cell phones or other devices to find answers they just don’t have.

So, as students prepare to take the so-called gaokao — a highly intense two-day exam — they might hear a buzzing sound that isn’t inside their heads.

For above their heads may be drones, designed to spot signals being emitted from the exam room.

As Google’s translation of a People’s Daily report tells me, staff within the exam rooms are connected to the drone. It will inform them of any signal being emitted by those who might wish to use nefarious means to seem smarter than they are.


2139, 04 June 2015


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