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2105, 04 Jun 15

Missouri Governor Vetoes Right to Work Legislation

It’s a shame that Missouri isn’t as progressive as Wisconsin.

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon vetoed a measure Thursday that would have made Missouri the 26th right-to-work state, and it’s unclear whether proponents will be able to muster enough support in the Republican-led Legislature to override the veto.


2105, 04 June 2015


  1. Northern Pike

    Does Missouri’s law have the Wisconsin Teapublican exception for police and firefighters?

    Remember, the real Republican position on closed shop labor unions is they are very beneficial for their members (which is why the cops get to keep them) but something for which the masses are unworthy.

  2. Owen

    You’re thinking about Act 10 – not Right-to-work.

  3. Northern Pike

    Republicans are in charge of the legislature. They can bring police officers under the provisions both Act 10 and right-to-work any time they choose.

    The bottom line that is police officers have carved out exceptions to laws that eliminate public-sector unions and unions that are closed shop. If you’re a police officer in Wisconsin you MUST join the union, and the local municipality MUST deduct union dues from your paycheck.

    The disparate treatment is all about a Wisconsin Teapublican party that uses government to punish enemies and reward friends.

    No amount of double talk — and I’ve heard tons of it on this issue — can change that.

  4. scott

    Details aside, I believe that a higher percentage of the labor force being unionized would be a very good thing for just about everyone. It used to be, what, 25%? Now it’s probably…7%? Back then we had a middle class that could buy homes and cars on a single income. Not coincidence that things are so much tougher these days. We should be doing everything we can to increase unionization in the work force.

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