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0736, 07 May 24

They Seemed so Normal

TBF, I think this about Biden supporters nowadays.

A former CNN reporter took to social media Sunday to talk about how she is  ‘haunted’ by a dinner with several Donald Trump supporters who, at first glance, seemed ‘normal.’


‘All were well-educated and successful in careers,’ Michelle Kosinski recalled of the recent dinner party that she described on X.


‘They seemed great! On the surface. For like an hour ‘ the one-time NBC News correspondent continued, categorizing the Trump-leaning guests as ‘closeted.’


‘But slowly, over a few drinks, they began to let slip their true MAGA natures.’


The 50-year-old who served as CNN’s White House Correspondent until 2020 went on to add how  she was surprised by the revelation – marveling at how a ‘normal’ a group of people could support a politician she does not approve of.


0736, 07 May 2024


  1. Merlin

    If she finds it difficult to believe that normal, well-educated and successful people would think for themselves then maybe she needs to reconsider her own bigoted worldview. Lefties find it incomprehensible that mere tolerance of their sociopathic lunacy has not led to the acceptance of it. But to be fair, the professional Republicans seem to struggle with this too. They don’t understand ‘true MAGA natures’ either.

  2. Tuerqas

    Like any ‘con/lib’ failure to communicate, it starts with differently defined terms. The Dem definition of right wing or conservative begins with crazy and ends sometime later with nut job. Therefore any normal seeming person is a liberal to them at first meeting. The typical con/rep can’t be normal by their base definition, so of course it is a big surprise to them if any of us even seem normal to them at any time.

  3. MjM

    I imagine, to the contrary, that the righties ID’d her immediately as a loony lefty.

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