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1359, 25 Mar 24

Two Dutch Players Quit National Team Over Transgender Teammate

One feels for their anguish. The Trans movement is destroying women’s spaces. 

“The moment you’re embarrassed to be a part of the Dutch Team, because a biological man is playing in the women’s team, it’s time to go,” Zijlstra wrote in the past, according to Andrew Holleran of The Spun “I have tried to accept this, but I can not condone or justify this.

“I think that with sports there has to be an equal and level playing field which is to be used and accepted in good faith. After all, we have worked so hard to be relevant and competitive in this sport.”

De Graaf also explained her decision in the post.

“At some point you have to make decisions if something goes against your feelings,” De Graff wrote. “You have to do what feels right for you. Hence my decision to also leave the Dutch team.”


1359, 25 March 2024


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