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0547, 26 Mar 24

Two forgotten stories deserve attention

My column for the Washington County Daily News is online and in print. Here’s a part.

In the latter half of last year, two unsavory and revelatory stories about Gov. Tony Evers were reported and made headlines throughout Wisconsin. Here we are at the end of March and the headlines have faded and Evers continues to act with impunity, having suffered no consequences for his shady behavior.


The first story was broken by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in August of last year. They revealed that Evers’ longtime Chief of Staff, Maggie Gau, was living with one of her subordinates. Later reporting revealed that that subordinate was Evers’ communications director, Britt Cudaback.


While the initial story is outrageous enough, further reporting revealed it to be even worse than first thought. Cudaback was appointed as a deputy in 2019 for $62,000 per year. She was promoted to report directly to Gau in 2020 and her annual salary was increased to $100,006. In 2023, her pay was increased again to $112,008. Her 80% increase in pay came in just four years during the same period she was living with her boss.


Furthermore, during that period, Evers admitted that no formal performance reviews were administered and there is no documentation that shows that there was a competitive and inclusive hiring process for the position and compensation that Cudaback holds. Evers vigorously defended the practice.


Such relationships between a supervisor and a subordinate are strictly prohibited throughout the private sector and the rest of government because they are inherently discriminatory and coercive, but Evers accepts and applauds them. It has been seven months since that story broke and, as far as we know, nothing has changed.


The second story that further revealed Evers’ deceptive and unethical behavior was broken by Wisconsin Right Now in November of last year. Through a series of open records requests, Evers’ office accidentally let it slip that the governor had been using a secret email alias for years. Tony Evers had stolen the name of Hall of Fame Milwaukee Braves pitcher Warren Spahn to conduct public business with other government officials and people outside of government.


0547, 26 March 2024


  1. dad29

    Yah, hey. You remember that Channel 6 (chubby Teddy’s station) had to fight Evers to get 1 day’s worth of his emails (the actual ‘governor at dot wi’ ones) and they got 2 or 3. They were unhappy with the long fight to get them and then crowed about getting 2 or 3…..

    You notice that Chubby Teddy’s station has done zip/zero/nada/bupkis about obtaining Warren Spahn emails, right?

    That’s some real hot-shot “news” outfit there. And they wonder why “news” viewers are disappearing….

  2. Merlin

    Evers told everyone to eff off and mind their own business. That applied to the “news” people too.

    Dems run both Wisconsin law enforcement and the courts, so ethics in government is whatever Dems say it is. And, really, to a large extent they run the legislature too. That should have become crystal clear to even the most myopic Republicans when the legislature offered perpetual funding of Dem failure by raising taxes on Milwaukee County and City of Milwaukee… and gifting the Brewers ownership group with more “no new taxes” state revenue.

    Pubbies don’t even talk a good game anymore.

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