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0749, 23 Mar 24

Spinning for Biden

Wow. This is the headline the Biden Administration wanted from an accomplice media.

What investors should know about the U.S. easing vehicle emissions rules

So the government passes draconian regulations on the auto industry that are based in fantasy, but will still wreak havoc on American manufacturers and consumers. BUT, those rules were slightly – VERY slightly – less draconian than the regulations they were considering, so the media spins it as the government “easing vehicle emissions rules.”

This is the same way government swamp people spin budgeting. When they spend less than they originally wanted to, they call it a “cut.”


0749, 23 March 2024


  1. dad29

    What investors should know: BlackRock put this reg on the books to help their PRC auto company investments grow.

  2. MjM

    Well, it’s CNBC, so….

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