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0750, 19 Mar 24

Wausau Suddenly Overwhelmed by Homeless People In Winter

Hmmmm… First we hear that little Whitewater is facing a crime wave with social services being overwhelmed by illegal aliens. Now we see that Wausau is being overwhelmed by homeless people. It’s almost as if we have an open border and illegal aliens are finding their way to communities throughout the country.

The Wausau Police Department is requesting an additional two officers as part of a team approach to working with homeless residents, as the number of people without permanent housing surged considerably over the past three months.

“The speed at which unhoused individuals are coming into our community scares me,” he said.

In his February presentation, Barnes said city workers are shoveling human fecal material from downtown parking ramps on a regular basis.

Barnes said the homeless situation in Wausau is making policing complicated and reducing the amount of policing that the rest of our community “that pay taxes to have a quality police force” is getting.


0750, 19 March 2024


  1. Merlin

    Overwhelm them at the local level, let the pain build, then swoop in with minimal federal relief with a zillion strings attached that also makes the counties and states complicit partners in crime. Create a crisis, then offer an expensive, but politically advantageous non-solution. Sounds like Obama’s fundamental transformation of America is not only still on track, but gaining speed.

  2. dad29

    Gee. The Gannett paper up there doesn’t mention this.

    I wonder why……

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