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0759, 08 Mar 24

Measles Outbreak Spreading

Measles is spreading across our nation and the Marxists are blaming the decline in childhood vaccinations.

Although the total number of infections nationwide may seem small, it bears noting that before the COVID pandemic, the annual number of measles infections across the US had been gaining momentum (1,274 cases documented in 2019). This underscores the salutary effect the efforts undertaken to prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-2 in the first two years of the pandemic had on the spread of the highly contagious measles. In 2020, only 13 individuals developed measles across eight jurisdictions. In 2021, there were 49 measles infections and in 2022 a total of 121 measles cases, in large part due to a community outbreak in central Ohio, with 85 locally acquired measles cases. And in 2023, there were 58 across 20 jurisdictions. At the current pace, 2024 may be the largest measles outbreak experienced in the US during the COVID pandemic.


The current trends show the dangers posed by the government’s abdication of the responsibility to maintain an actively engaged public health infrastructure. This has led to the promotion of anti-scientific misinformation campaigns by reactionary and fascistic groups who are downplaying the dangers posed by respiratory infections, leading to a decline in childhood immunization and resurgence of disease, specifically measles.

Two points. First, I don’t disagree that the decline in childhood vaccinations is real. It is. It is measurable. However, we must realize why vaccination rates are down. For the better part of three years, the public health system in our nation flat our lied to us. They bullied us. They demonized us. They ridiculed us. They lied straight to our faces and then tried to put us in jail when we asked questions. Justifiably, they lost our trust and forced thinking people to question everything they say. If public health “experts” are looking for a cause for the decline in vaccination rates, they can look in the mirror.

Second, ignored in the news reports is the human wave of unvaccinated people flooding across our border. You cannot introduce millions – yes, MILLIONS – of unvaccinated, unwell people into our communities and not expect the diseases they carry to spread. What is the Mealses vaccination rate among the illegal alien population? I guarantee that it’s much, much lower than for legal immigrants and citizens.


0759, 08 March 2024


  1. dad29

    the human wave of unvaccinated people flooding across our border. You cannot introduce millions – yes, MILLIONS – of unvaccinated, unwell people into our communities and not expect the diseases they carry to spread.


    Also look for the outbreak(s) of TB among cattle and the enormous jump in VD-infected newborns.

  2. jonnyv

    Wait. I was told that if I got the vaccine, I shouldn’t worry about OTHER people who are NOT vaccinated? That was the line for the past 3 years with COVID. Non-vaccinated people are totally fine because if you are worried then get the vaccine! So NOW you care about unvaccinated people and how they affect the community? Pretty simple, get vaccinated for measles and your risk will drop about 95%.

    It is unfortunate that there are some people who can’t get vaccinated, which is why we should ALL get the MMR shots to help prevent the spread to our most vulnerable.

    And the decline in vaccinations has been happening for years before COVID stuff. Since the absolute BS about vaccines and autism caught on like flat earthers. (thanks Jenny McCarthy!) COVID just accelerated it.

    PS. Who was attempted to be put in jail for “just asking questions”??? Mind sharing that? I am unaware of this scenario and would LOVE to be more informed.

  3. dad29

    Define “Vaccine,” JonnyV, without the ……..ahhh……….edits put into place a couple of years ago so that the Covid Heart-Stopper would become a “vaccine.”

    REAL vaccines, like MMR and polio, prevent acquisition (therefore also transmission) of the target disease.

    The Covid clot-shot is NOT a “vaccine” under the definition we all used until Fauci/Collins.

    Get it yet?

  4. Jason

    BIDEN: “If you’re vaccinated, you’re not going to be hospitalized, you’re not going to be in the IC unit, and you’re not going to die.” — town hall.

    BIDEN: “You’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations.” — town hall.

    Amazing what jv will call out for facts and truths depending on who’s saying those “facts” and “truths”.

  5. jonnyv

    Jason, once again you bring up something that has nothing to do with the conversation at hand. Congrats. But yes, getting the vaccine makes you way less likely to be hospitalized. But you are right that Biden and others initially thought that the vaccine would eliminate COVID and not just treat it like a flu.

    Dad29, my favorite stat is that you are more likely to have heart issues contracting COVID than the vaccine. So sure, take your chances on avoiding the worldwide epidemic vs getting the shot. I am still waiting for the millions of people who got vaccinated to fall over dead.

  6. Jason

    You sure are bold in your ignorance jv. Just because you have a cognitive break from your patently obvious biases doesn’t make what I said non-germane to the topic. Fucking 10 ply.

  7. dad29

    getting the vaccine makes you way less likely to be hospitalized

    So it is NOT a vaccine. It is an ameliorative clot-shot.

    And since when does the flu cause heart attacks? Inquiring minds, and all that. There are lots of instances of young, healthy, athletic men and women dropping dead at less than 40 years of age from heart problems SINCE 2021, both here and abroad. “Millions”? No. Not yet.

  8. jonnyv

    Dad29, my comparison to “the flu” was just in how the flu shot works. It doesn’t prevent you from getting the flu, but it does protect you. Before the COVID vaccine people were HOPING that it would be more effective. Even the measles vaccine is only about 97% effective, are you saying it ISN’T a vaccine?

    And as I said, you have ZERO, ZIP, NIL, evidence that any increase in heart incidents are due to the vaccine and NOT the virus. But blaming it on the vaccine fits your narrative better. My aunt who almost died from COVID, and was in the hospital for 2+ weeks, ended up with blood clots in her leg due to the virus. She still walks with a limp. She is honestly lucky to be alive as this was just before the vaccine release.

    And FYI. There actually is some studies looking into the higher rate of heart attacks after getting the flu.,after%20being%20diagnosed%20with%20flu.

  9. dad29

    COVID vaccine

    The “vaccine” which does not prevent getting the disease, nor prevent passing it to your besties?

    It’s NOT a vaccine under any honest definition of the term. Nor–for that matter–is the flu “vaccine;” your description is spot-on.

    Thanks for proving the point.

    By the way: June, 2021: A higher-than-usual number of cases of a type of heart inflammation has been reported following Covid-19 vaccination, especially among young men following their second dose of an mRNA vaccine, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Thursday. NBC News

    The results show that rates of myocarditis after mRNA vaccines were highest in male adolescents and young male adults (50-139 cases per million in 12-17 year olds and 28-147 cases per million in 18-29 year olds).

    For girls and boys aged 5-11 years and females aged 18-29 years, rates of myocarditis after vaccination with Pfizer might be fewer than 20 cases per million.

    For individuals aged 18-29 years, myocarditis is probably higher after vaccination with Moderna than with Pfizer, and for 12-39 year olds, myocarditis or pericarditis might be lower when the second dose is given more than 30 days after the first dose. –BJM here:

    One is not likely to find “evidence” if one makes a point of not looking for “evidence.” So it will be up to RFK Jr. and a few others to commission valid studies. Pfizer, Moderna, and J&J will not, and CDC won’t either.

  10. dad29

    Oh, by the way:

    Evidence has purportedly been uncovered that the CDC knew during the COVID-19 vaccine roll-out that the vaccines were associated with an increase in potentially deadly heart muscle inflammation called myocarditis. Still, the agency allegedly swept that knowledge under the rug.

    The revelation stems from an internal email dated May 21, 2021, between CDC officials obtained by The Epoch Times. In the email titled “Draft alert on myocarditis and mRNA vaccines,” Dr. Demetre Daskalakis, the CDC’s lead on Equity in COVID Data and Engagement, informed two other senior CDC officials that the alert was attached. –Epoch Times

    Like I said earlier, you will never find evidence that you will not look for. Too bad someone else looked, eh?

  11. MjM

    JV demonstrates (again) reading comprehension failure: And FYI. There actually is some studies looking into the higher rate of heart attacks after getting the flu.

    Yes, in people previously diagnosed with heart disease. And renal disease. And diabetes. And just plain old folks.

    (median age, 69 years [interquartile range, 54 to 81 years]). Older age, tobacco use, underlying cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and renal disease were significantly associated with higher risk for aHF and aIHD in adults hospitalized with laboratory-confirmed influenza.

    You, know, just like the Fauci’s CCP virus.

    Quite the opposite of mNRA-induced heart inflammation and attacks in 20-yr old athletes who never had the F-CCP-V

  12. Tuerqas

    >Even the measles vaccine is only about 97% effective, are you saying it ISN’T a vaccine?
    JV, in the world of medical science there are no 0% or 100% effects from just about anything. One lady in the 40s took an arsenic OD that should have been enough to kill her 50 times over, but didn’t. You are an idiot for asking this question. It is like asking if the duck-billed platypus or echidnas are really animals because they are egg laying mammals and so don’t fit the definitions of any other class of animal (I thought liberals love the minorities, the 3 percenters). Don’t project your stupidity on others. Of course, if you are so dense that you don’t know better, the answer is no, Dad29 did not say that and it hurt your argument (not to mention the entire liberal position) by asking the question. The non-liberal or scientific definition of vaccine does not state that vaccines need to be 100% perfect to be vaccines, just that vaccines prevent acquisition of the disease it fights, something that flu and covid shots don’t do.

  13. Tuerqas

    Also, 97% effective? How is that measured OR ARE YOU SAYING THAT 3% OF THE US POPULATION get the measles?

    See how stupid that looks?

  14. dad29

    Regarding that CDC email referenced above, the Epoch Times FOIA’d the study.

    The U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) has entirely redacted its “long-term study” on myocarditis after COVID-19 injections that was released upon a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request submitted by The Epoch Times.

    Nothing to see here……….literally.

    But it’s 100% safe and effective!!!

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