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0810, 08 Mar 24

BLS Revises Job Gains Down

This is the only part worth noting in the BLS jobs report today. They revise the previous month’s numbers to be worse every single time. Every. Single. Time. So whatever they report today, you can count on it actually being worse. One might begin to suspect that the BLS has been corrupted into a propagandist mouthpiece of the administration.

The change in total nonfarm payroll employment for December was revised down by
43,000, from +333,000 to +290,000, and the change for January was revised down by
124,000, from +353,000 to +229,000. With these revisions, employment in December
and January combined is 167,000 lower than previously reported. (Monthly revisions
result from additional reports received from businesses and government agencies
since the last published estimates and from the recalculation of seasonal factors.)


0810, 08 March 2024


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