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0741, 30 Jan 24

Senate Deal Sanctions Illegal Crossings

This is a terrible deal. Just. Close. The. Border.

Under the proposal, as described by two sources briefed on the talks, the president would be permitted to temporarily halt new asylum claims by foreigners who arrive in the United States anywhere other than an official port of entry if border crossings reach 4,000 a day over a two-week period. Federal officials could then quickly turn back those migrants to Mexico without a hearing. Such a “shutdown” would become mandatory if the daily number of crossings reached an average of 5,000 over a week or 8,500 in one day.


The US experienced about 10,000 border crossings per day in December, the latest month in which data is available.


Even in the event of a shutdown, the U.S. would continue to process 1,400 asylum claims per day by people who do arrive through an official port of entry. (According to one source, those migrants would count toward the 4,000 needed to trigger the president’s emergency powers.) There’s also a cap on the number of days the emergency authority can be used in a year, both sources said.


0741, 30 January 2024


  1. Merlin

    The numbers are irrelevant. Obama 3.0 has steadfastly refused to enforce existing immigration law since day one, so there’s absolutely no reason to believe they would honor any new agreements. The fact that the pathetic Republican clown car is starting from any number above zero tells you that they’re not serious either. Worthless tools.

  2. Jason

    All the stats listed in that article… Except a key one…

    “There’s also a cap on the number of days the emergency authority can be used in a year, both sources said.”

    Wonder why?

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