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0814, 03 Jul 23

Americans Oppose Discrimination and Deadbeats

Given the media coverage, one might be led to believe that only a sliver of Americans agree with the recent Supreme Court rulings. Yet even the slanted polls show broad support for them. The reason is simple… for most Americans, we still believe that discrimination is wrong and that people should pay their debts – even if the most recent Leftist orthodoxy teaches otherwise.

Majorities of White and Asian American respondents approved of the decision overturning affirmative action, while Latino and Hispanic Americans were evenly split and 52% of Black Americans disapproved in the ABC News/Ipsos poll. Overall, 52% approved and 32% didn’t.




The court’s rejection of Biden’s student-loan forgiveness plan met with 45% approval in the ABC News poll, while 40% disapproved.



0814, 03 July 2023

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  1. Jason

    Don’t tell breathless and clueless AOC that she’s in the minority here. You’ll end up being requested to take an appropriate dose of DEI. She’s as bipolar… Ooops I meant polarizing… as they come

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