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0846, 01 Jul 23

When Leftists Collide


Just Stop Oil have stormed London’s historic Pride parade, after issuing threats to the LGBTQ+ event earlier this week.


Seven eco-zealots have been arrested after nine blocked the capital’s Pride March today amidst calls for the event to condemn new oil, gas and coal.


At around 1:25pm, the group sat down in front of the festival’s Coca-Cola float, branding it ‘the world’s worst plastic polluter, accused of numerous human rights abuses’.


0846, 01 July 2023


  1. dad29

    Intersectionality Forever!!

  2. Jason

    Dad wouldn’t it be intersectionality at this point?

    And ironic that arrests can be made for this little thing yet not when Kenosha burned.

  3. Jason

    Intrasectionality, how the fuck did my phone autocorrect that!? Libtards are everywhere!

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