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0912, 03 Jul 23

Police Decline to Take Action Over Naked Child at Naked Bike Ride

Here’s where we are in the normalization of pedophilia. 

MADISON – A girl believed to be about 10 years old participated in Madison’s Naked Bike Ride in June, but police and prosecutors have concluded state laws aimed at protecting children from exploitation or abuse do not apply to the incident.


The Madison Police Department received multiple complaints alleging the girl participated in the bike ride, but the Dane County District Attorney determined her participation did not violate any state laws.


According to a MPD case report obtained through an open records request, a photo posted to Facebook showed the girl and four adults on Johnson Street, west of the Bassett Street intersection, facing away from the camera. The girl appeared to be nude, except for shoes and a helmet, and her buttocks were visible.


One of the complaints came from a member of a nudist community who was concerned after seeing the photo online, which was posted by Milwaukee’s Naked Bike Ride organizer. Another came from a couple who saw the girl walking around naked during the ride. Another complaint was made online.


“You can’t tell any aged person if they can protest or they cannot protest,” said John Jankowski, the organizer of the Milwaukee Naked Bike ride. “Everybody is welcome.”


0912, 03 July 2023


  1. Mar

    But if someone took a picture of the kid, they will be going to jail.
    What utter BS. May the girl can’t be charged the parents should be charged with child neglect, at the minimum.

  2. dad29

    In other parts of the country, the ‘naked bike ride’ is a homosex-agitation demonstration. A 10-y-o female participant fits into a pervert demonstration. It’s merely a different flavor of perversion, but sanctioned by both the ultra-left DA of Dane and by Joe Biden (ask his daughter.)

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