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0813, 26 Apr 23

Teacher Activism

Bearing in mind that we only get one side of the story in this article and it’s from the aggrieved teacher, but this is the kind of stuff that parents are rightfully getting upset about. This is a 3rd grade teacher. 3rd grade. I don’t want her delving into queer theory any more than I want her to 2nd Amendment rights. I want her to teach the curriculum. Is that so hard? Just do the job. The classroom is not your personal activism space.

“you’d think I was teaching way out west but this is downtown Austin…,” she writes.


“OK, so today I got pulled into a ‘check-in meeting’ with my administrator at school, and she had this lovely list of concerns that she wanted to bring to my attention,” Sophie explains in the video.


Included in the list is the concern that Sophie is “intentionally” teaching her third-grade students about their rights.


“But my favorite amongst them is, ‘We’ve noticed an intentional attempt at teaching your students about their legal and constitutional rights.’ That’s the concern,” she reveals. “Why are you concerned? Why is that a concern? Why does that concern you?”


Sophie, who is “queer until proven straight,” is outspoken about human rights on her social media platforms. She covers a plethora of current events, including the Queer Capitol March and Texas legislation.


“I have no other choice but to be political. life is depending on it,” reads her Instagram bio. “unwilling to die for the dow. abortion advocate.”


0813, 26 April 2023


  1. Merlin

    You have to be way, way out there to catch ‘guidance’ for being too lefty in Austin. There’s a hierarchy and dues to pay even in the lefty world. Sweet Sophie seems more than a bit resistant to higher authority and determined to write her own job description. Young AND dumb. Taking it all public ensures that it will not end well for her. I’m guessing her social media followers won’t be paying her bills when she finds herself out of a job. Just a guess.

  2. Tuerqas

    “…when she finds herself out of a job.”

    You think that is a possibility. Lefties may discipline their own a bit, but fire her? She is right up their alley. And if Texas is still just a bit less left than other hotbeds, you know some other place in or out of Texas will rehire her after her lawsuit for wrongful dismissal is done.

  3. Jason

    >You think that is a possibility.

    On that. The left will turn on itself faster than an 80’s toilet pre EPA flushing regulations.

  4. Merlin

    >You think that is a possibility.

    Probability more so than possibility.

    The administrator’s notes sure look to me like predicate documentation of performance failures. Predicate if it’s the first notice of such deficiencies. Failure to exhibit improvement if not the first. Miss Sophie’s overt ridicule of her performance evaluation process on social media is just foolish. I’d expect that to be documented as insubordination to bolster the underlying under-performance issues come disciplinary time.

    Miss Sophie seems to be very new to the game. New third grade teachers get to bail the boat or maybe occasionally row the boat, but they definitely don’t get to helm the boat. Rocking the boat too hard, even one that only turns to port, gets you thrown out of the boat.

    As Jason noted, lefties are infamous for their intolerance. This is just lefties butting heads, but Miss Sophie will have to be the one to back down or get gone.

  5. Mar

    I am just curious what rights for 3rd graders she was teaching?
    Most 3rd graders don’t have many rights, except be free of abuse and neglect

  6. Jason

    >Most 3rd graders don’t have many rights, except be free of abuse and neglect

    Have you switched to Liberal? Damn that’s colossally stupid of you to think that.

  7. dad29

    The right to life comes to mind. The right to TRUTH has something to do with this, too.

  8. Tuerqas

    Maybe, but the left needs pushes like this to continue the leftist river further around the bend it is riding. A crazed leftist who can actually use ‘constitutional rights’ correctly in a sentence is a gem at any grade for the party of intolerance. I bet she keeps her job.

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