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2107, 25 Apr 23

Thomas Mansplains Feminism for Teammates


Transgender swimmer Lia Thomas hit back at women who don’t want her to compete in women’s sports, claiming they were too scared to ‘fully manifest’ their ‘implicit bias’ and play it off as half-support.


The former University of Pennsylvania athlete joined first NCAA transgender swimmer Schuyler Bailar on his podcast Dear Schuyler on Monday to discuss the division over whether or not trans-female athletes should be on women’s sports teams.


Thomas, who received multitudes of criticism throughout the swim season, has called her former teammates and critics fake feminists who are pushing transphobic values under the disguise that they are ‘supporting women.’




‘They’re using the guise of feminism to sort of push transphobic beliefs. I think a lot of people in that camp sort of carry an implicit bias against trans people, but don’t want to, I guess, fully manifest or speak that out. And so they try to just play it off as this sort of half-support.


Bailar agreed with the controversial athlete, saying:  ‘They’re coming from…this whole protect “protect women’s sports,” [which] has become a very big movement and that they do it under the guise of feminism. “Oh, we’re just feminists, we’re just fighting for women,” and whenever anybody says that I’m always [like]: ‘Okay, you’re fighting for women by excluding women so that’s not fighting for women.’


The athletes discussed how black women faced the same criticism that transgender women are facing now, saying that people ‘don’t want a woman who doesn’t look like you perhaps or who isn’t fitting your version of womanhood to win.’


Bailar went on to say that feminism has become ‘twisted’ and ‘turned into excluding women’ and reduced them to ‘reproductive capacity.’


‘At the end of the day, everybody’s trying to – under a true feminist  – is everybody trying to come together to sort of break down these patriarchal ideals of what a woman is and who can be a woman and sort of open that up to to the very broad range of possibilities that there are,’ Thomas said.


2107, 25 April 2023

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  1. Jason

    While I think there is a lot of psychotherapy needed for those two… They do have a point. If one were to take the Lefts idiotic DEI to it’s fullest one would find the Left is as bad at it as they claim the Right to be. But no, let’s keep that unspoken.

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