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1217, 22 Apr 23

TikTok to Enforce Climate Change Orthodoxy

Look at them get in line when threated by a ban. And you’ll notice that TikTok still isn’t banned…

Controversial social media app TikTok announced Friday that it would begin removing “climate change misinformation” from its platform.


“On April 21, we will begin to ramp up enforcement of a new climate change misinformation policy which removes climate change misinformation that undermines well-established scientific consensus, such as content denying the existence of climate change or the factors that contribute to it,” the company said in a statement ahead of Earth Day on Saturday. “As we do for all misinformation policies, we will work with independent fact-checking partners when applying this policy to help assess the accuracy of content.”


1217, 22 April 2023


  1. jonnyv

    Tik Tok shouldn’t be banned.

    If our govt wants to ban it on govt owned devices, great. I would be all for that.

  2. MjM

    Tik Tok pushers roamed the White House over 40 times in the last year.

    The Biden admin uses CapCut, which requires you to agree to their having access to all your photos and videos and which is owned by the same ChiComm company that owns Tik Tok, to make and distribute videos, even though…..

    Til Tok is already banned from US g’vment devices. Happened last December, but it is rather meaningless as it does not apply to g’vment dweebs’ or their spouse’s or friend’s or acquaintances’ personal devices.

    Basically, Tik Tok is the spy balloon you carry in your pocket.

  3. Mike

    China has gutted our manufacturing base. Now they are pushing us on “green energy” that will gut our power infrastructure while building up their power infrastructure with new coal plants.

    They won’t have to invade us, just push us to commit suicide in pursuit of 0 emissions and Tik Tok challenges.

  4. dad29

    just push us to commit suicide

    Yup. And the Bai-Dens, owned and operated by the Chinese Communist Party, are just the people to help!

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