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0809, 21 Apr 23

Biden Cronies Orchestrated Russian Disinformation Campaign Hoax

The Biden family is as corrupt as any family ever to occupy the Washington swamp.

A retired CIA leader coordinated a letter from former intelligence chiefs claiming that Hunter Biden‘s laptop was Russian disinformation because he wanted to help Joe Biden‘s presidential campaign.


Mike Morell told the House Judiciary Committee that he was asked by Antony Blinken, the Secretary of State – who at the time was a senior member of the Biden campaign – to help discredit the laptop reporting.


Morell was a former acting CIA director, serving for two months in 2011 and four months from 2012 to 2013. He retired from the CIA in September 2013.




Joe Biden used the letter during the October 22 debate against Donald Trump, saying he thought the reporting around his son’s abandoned computer was the work of Russia.


Morell was thanked for his work in coordinating the letter, with Steve Ricchetti, chairman of the Biden campaign, telephoning him after the debate to say thank you.


He was then said to be in consideration for the role of CIA director – a job that ultimately went to William Burns.


0809, 21 April 2023


  1. Jason

    If this had been the previous administration, Old Shifty would have been running breathlessly from the House chamber to the floor of the Senate while writing the impeachment articles.

  2. Tuerqas

    Heh, it would definitely be one of the gems in the crown of the now 35 counts against Trump in court.

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