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2104, 08 Mar 23

The Conservative Protasiewicz?

Well, this is curious. It feels like a false flag operation.

Michael Madden and Dr. Mark Madden, her former stepsons, of Fox Point and Virginia respectively, don’t buy the reincarnation. They believe it’s a ruse to get liberal voters to put Protasiewicz on the state Supreme Court.


She told us that she was a conservative, and that she was pro-life, and that she was a Catholic,” Michael Madden, the son of Protasiewicz’s ex-husband, the now-deceased conservative Judge Patrick J. Madden, told Wisconsin Right Now in a two-hour interview. He lived with his father and Protasiewicz during their 9-month marriage in Fox Point. It dissolved in ugly recriminations in 1997.


“We would sit around these tables and she would mention these things,” Michael Madden said.


Michael Madden spoke at the Fox Point home where they all once lived before the brief and quickly disintegrating marriage ended in an extremely contentious divorce and annulment battle that we will reveal in part two.


Asked about her current views on abortion and other issues, Michael Madden warned voters, “She’s a chameleon who will do and say whatever is necessary to get what she wants. What she is being promised right now is this job on the Supreme Court if she will do the bidding of the machine.” In his view, because Janet Protasiewicz then is so different ideologically from Janet Protasiewicz of today, Madden believes it’s completely unclear how she would actually rule on the court.


2104, 08 March 2023


  1. Jason

    >it’s completely unclear how she would actually rule on the court.

    I doubt Protasiewicz is completely unclear on this as well. Everything I have seen indicates she rules based on feelings and nothing else.

  2. Merlin

    She’s told you she’s willing to be a “reproductive health” advocate. Why would you not believe her? She’s a lawyer by profession, so she’s inclined to represent (pimp) any position if the price is right. If she’s for sale her personal convictions are not relevant. Nice reporting from WRN, though.

  3. dad29

    The WRN article hints that Abortion Janet is mentally unstable, too–wearing a RBG picture sewn to her dress at some semi-formal event for judges, anyone?? Hello!!

    We watched her victory speech after the primary where she displayed what a drunk sounds and looks like.

    But hey! The Far Left has “elected” Mr. Senility and Mr. Stroke-cussion to office. No reason that they can’t “elect” an old, broken-down abortion-monger, too.

  4. Tuerqas

    I still don’t get why the conservatives don’t just point out the lies and irrelevancies in Dem election ads. It is pretty quick and simple:
    For example,
    Ron Johnson; ‘The Roe v Wade overturning handed the decisions on the issue of abortion back to the States. I am running for a spot on the National legislature. My personal preferences are completely irrelevant because it is not an actual issue to consider for the position I am running for.’
    One short statement.

    Dan Kelly: ‘If I am elected to the Supreme court all of my decisions will be based on the rule of law as every judge should. This simply means that the Legislature is responsible for entering a law into the Wisconsin State books not the State Supreme court. We decide if the current signed law follows the constitution, not if the law makes us or any group feel bad. With no new legislation, the 1849 abortion law is what is on the books in WI and no one is contesting its constitutionality so EVERY judge should rule for it. Janet is saying she would rule against it because of her personal beliefs and ignore the purpose of a supreme court justice. Who is the extremist?’
    One longer statement, but easily fits in a short commercial…

    If he is ethical, he could be the most liberal man in the nation in his beliefs and still rule that the 1849 law should be in effect as is. Same with Janet the “conservative”. Either could be first in the lobbying to pass a new law for abortions and then rule it too is constitutional if it actually is (and it could be), but 7 people do not get to control whether and how abortion should be handled in WI as Janet and anyone that votes for her apparently believe. How do people not understand this?
    I clearly see that they do not understand as their leader Biden continues to do ignore his role and attempt to do things like trying to forgive educational debt exclusively through the Executive branch. Act like you have the power and quite often you do, I guess. Heck, why not just forgive all of the home and property debt? At least I would benefit on that one.

    And as usual Government is not fixing anything before acting like a naive impulse buyer. They are not fixing the skyrocketed costs of Universities (that they helped cause) so all of the current students are not helped, and they will all need or expect a bailout in another decade or two. And they are giving the finger to every working person in the US who paid off their schooling or chose not to go because they knew they could not afford it. They are just buying votes from the people in debt now and making everyone else pay for it.

  5. dad29

    The Republican Party has not engaged in fist-fighting campaigns for dozens of years, largely because Pubbie staffers in Madison keep their jobs no matter what happens. IOW, they don’t really give a damn. Robin Vos is perfectly happy with his situation, as is the utterly useless LeMahieu. So they don’t give a damn, either.

    The only real street-fighter is Trump and if it were not for the massive fraud perpetrated by the Democrats–aided by certain Republican establishment types–he’d still be in office. In addition, Kushner’s campaign management sucked, largely because he is an East Coast liberal.

    WMC has come out with some solid body-blows to Abortion Janet. We’re all waiting for Kelly and the Pubbies to start firing the guns, too.

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