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1255, 09 Mar 23

“nearly all”

What an utter abuse of power and miscarriage of justice. “Nearly all” is not “all.” The standard and obligation of the prosecution is “all.”

On Tuesday, prosecutors said that “nearly all” of the Capitol security footage Carlson played was previously available to attorneys representing riot defendants.

Roger Roots, an attorney for New York Proud Boy Dominic Pezzola, wrote that the video Carlson played of the “QAnon Shaman,” Jacob Chansley, proves protesters went into the Senate Chamber on the invitation of US Capitol Police. Roots alleged that prosecutors “withheld” the footage from his client.

“This footage is plainly exculpatory; as it establishes that the Senate chamber was never violently breached, and – in fact – was treated respectfully by January 6 protestors,” Roots wrote. “To the extent protestors entered the chamber, they did so under the supervision of Capitol Police. The Senators on January 6 could have continued proceedings.”


1255, 09 March 2023


  1. jonnyv

    Short of confidential security information being on camera, I agree that he should have had access to all the available footage of himself. So unless it showed some sort of secret or procedural information that keeps people in that building safe all that footage should have been shared. I don’t mind that Tucker has all of the footage, but I also think that it should just be released to ALL media outlets at the same time. Handing it off to one single partisan hack who is clearly on record lying to the public already isn’t great. But McCarthy knows who will carry water for him.

    But what are they trying to prove? People forced their way into the building. At some point the police officers KNOW they are outnumbered and are now just out to maintain peace and hopefully stop destruction. Because there is no way you can arrest every person. I would love to know why the 2 officers would say were leading him around. Did they feel he was the “leader” and that arresting him would cause a larger riot to break out and possible physical harm? Did they let him in there so that they wouldn’t destroy the doors getting in?

    But to say that the Senators could have continued proceedings is just a flat out lie. EVERYONE saw some of the violence that was happening outside, and there is no way you can confidently say that something more violent wouldn’t have happened if the Senators actually were in there. Riot officers were being attacked by protesters trying to breach the capital. And just because when they got in there, they STOPPED attacking officers, doesn’t make them “mostly peaceful”.

  2. Jason

    The fact that jv is trying to equivocate this in any way shows what a stain collector he is. Jv you’re not deserving of the freedoms you have been given. Leave… I’m not kidding, fucking leave.

  3. jonnyv

    Jason, is that what your parents finally said to you?
    Way to not add anything to the conversation.

  4. dad29

    Handing it off to one single partisan hack who is clearly on record lying to the public already isn’t great

    Don’t be coy. You refer to Liz Cheney, right? Or the highly-intelligent Benny? Mr. Crybaby Kinzinger?

    Why don’t you tell us WHY you say that Carlson is “highly partisan” and a hack? That requires actually “adding to the conversation.”

    People forced their way into the building.

    A few did. Many, many, more walked through open doors, whether escorted by the cops or not. We agree that at that point, use-of-force would have added more crime to the second-degree murder of Ashli Babbit, or the first-degree manslaughter of the woman in the tunnel.

  5. Merlin

    Isn’t respectfully trespassing still trespassing? I’d much prefer law enforcement not club them to death on the spot, but that hardly seems to qualify as an invitation.

    Invading the congress critter lair was an epic adventure, for sure, but it left them with no political, legal, or media support whatsoever. They got played by an opponent with unlimited funds and all the keys to the kingdom. They are being made examples of what happens regarding prosecutorial discretion when you’re labeled as being in the Trump orbit. These poor guys don’t have Trump money and are entirely at the mercy of some very vengeful people. Whether it’s political persecution or legitimate criminal prosecution these guys are totally screwed.

  6. dad29

    Jason, can’t you READ???? All that stuff is CLASSIFIED.

    There’ll be a SWAT team at your door in 3………….2………………1…………….

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