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1934, 08 Mar 23

U.S. Senate Votes to Block D.C.’s Criminal-Coddling Laws

Even Democrats would like to make it to work without being assaulted or robbed.

The Senate passed a Republican-led resolution on Wednesday to block a controversial Washington, DC, crime bill that opponents have criticized as weak on crime. The measure will next go to President Joe Biden, who has said he won’t veto it.

The effort to block the crime bill divided Democrats and highlighted the difficult balance the party is attempting to strike as Republicans accuse them of failing to tackle the issue of crime.




The final vote was overwhelmingly bipartisan with a tally of 81-14.


1934, 08 March 2023

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  1. Jason

    Well, now that the J6 MDM has been proven to be staged and nothing more than carefully edited video montages of some tiny percentage of people commiting vandalism… The pols are scrambling to get more of our fear money?

    I just love hearing the Idiot Dems scream about how Tucker is carefully editing over 40,000 hours of video to spin the day. Exactly as they have done for over a year.

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