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2134, 26 Feb 23

Biden’s Age Issue

C’mon, man. We are watching you. Your age is a problem. It’s not as much of a problem as your corruption, lying, ineptitude, or philosophy, but it’s a problem.

During the interview with ABC’s David Muir, Biden, 80, was asked whether he is considering his age when deciding whether to run again, to which he replied no. However, he said it is “legitimate” for people to raise concerns about it.


“It’s legitimate for people to raise issues about my age,” he told Muir. “It’s totally legitimate to do that. And the only thing I can say is, ‘Watch me.’ “


2134, 26 February 2023

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  1. Mar

    It’s not an age issue, it’s a senility issue. There are plenty of 80 years old people who could be president, but Senile Joe Biden isn’t one of them.

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