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0737, 11 Jan 23

Flights Grounded

The basic functions of government are breaking down.

All US domestic flights have been grounded for several hours because of a glitch with the flight control system.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) says there is a problem with the system that alerts pilots to potential hazards on flight routes.


It is working to restore it but says no flights will take off until at least 0900 ET (1400 GMT).


In a statement, the FAA said some functions were beginning to come back online, and would give updates later.

It was not immediately clear if the outage would impact international flights.


US President Joe Biden has been briefed about the outage, and the White House said there was no evidence of a cyberattack “at this point”.

In a tweet, the White House Press Secretary said the President had called for a “full investigation into the causes”.

The FAA said the problem lies with its Notice to Air Missions System.


0737, 11 January 2023


  1. Merlin

    Full investigation of a NOTAM system crash, huh? Not likely. No body bags – no real concern has always been how the FAA operates. Nothing lost here but some money. By Friday a bit of bureaucratic word salad will be the end of it.

  2. Jason

    The only people capable of cybercrime on that system are in retirement homes.

  3. dad29

    Yah–but don’t you wish ALL mainframe programs were written in BAL? Think of the silicon we’d save!!

  4. Merlin

    It really wasn’t hard down all that long, but ground stops have such a cascading delays effect throughout the entire airspace system (scheduled air carriers mostly) that each instance gets reported as a new armageddon. Squealing passengers aren’t the only ones put out every time one happens. Weather causes the vast majority of them, but occasionally shit does break. Ground stops are still cheaper than the airborne holding patterns and destination diversions of the good old days. The days of dropping through a racetrack pattern holding stack out over the lake are long gone. Those were no fun either.

  5. MjM

    …in retirement homes.

    Not yet.

    I LTC* in COBOL and RPG (then FORTRAN, CPM, and a few others). System32, baby!

    *Learned To Code

  6. MjM

    HTML. not so much.

  7. dad29

    S/32!! The long-ago!! You used COBOL on a 360? or 370?

  8. Jason

    Cobol and RPG werenfading fast when I was educating. Fortran, Pascal, C were the hot languages of the day. No punch cards for me!

  9. Jason

    >It really wasn’t hard down all that long

    Just long enough to cover over that breaking news of additional classified documents in the Biden garage. Hmmm

  10. MjM

    You used COBOL on a 360? or 370?

    Both. ‘Member the Eddie Doucette School? I was COBOLing there while parking cars outside the front door of the the Safe House. Second class was RPG.

    True story, no lie: I used to draw cartoons and hang them up in the window of my car parker’s booth. Behind the booth was a crappy building and on the third floor of that crappy building was a small software company, Aardvark Software. They all (all 6 of them) parked their cars in my lot during the day, including the marketing guy. He liked my ‘toons so much they hired me to do promo and package design… and also shipping. Mostly shipping. Heh! Which meant – you guessed it – copying floppies! On Apples and DECs. Months later I was helping with testing. Then the IBM PC came out. I was asked to help code front end stuff.

    And so, my illustrious LTC career began.

    And Jason…. Pascal!

    Jebus, how did I not mention that? That’s what Aardvark was written in, and I stared at that stuff for 10 years.

  11. dad29

    Yah,…..Wes Pavalon’s Career Academy………and since Pavalon was part of the Bucks’ ownership, the Eddie Doucette thing makes sense.

  12. MjM

    Career Academy

    Wrong one. MBTI. Milwaukee Business Training Institute. A for-profit “school” gobbling student loan money. Doucette did TV and radio commercials for it back then. They were almost as relentless as that goofy Gruber guy. The inside joke was EDTI. (…which would mean something different today).

  13. dad29


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