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2255, 12 Jan 23

Biden’s Classified Stash

The arrogance is astounding. We were just lectured for months on the importance of maintaining the integrity of classified documents. Now they are treating the cavalier management of classified documents as a clerical inconvenience.

Karine Jean-Pierre was forced to defend Joe Biden against charges of hypocrisy on Thursday as she was grilled in her press briefing on why the White House waited nearly a month to reveal there were additional classified documents in the president’s private possession.


The White House press secretary was specifically interrogated – for the majority of her time at the podium – about Biden’s promise to have a transparent administration in the wake of new details provided by the Justice Department in its probe of the president’s classified cache.


Attorney General Merrick Garland revealed on Thursday that Biden’s personal lawyer informed the Justice Department on December 20th that they had found classified documents in his garage at his Wilmington home.


The White House had not revealed that information until Thursday – a few hours before Garland announced he was appointing a special counsel to investigate the matter.


It had plenty of opportunities – including when White House counsel Richard Sauber put out a statement on Monday about classified documents dating back to Biden’s time as vice president being discovered at the office of his D.C. think tank.




‘We have been transparent here. That is why the minute that his lawyers found those documents, they reported it. They reached out to the Archives and the Department of Justice, and they did that voluntarily, and they were not compelled to do it. They did it voluntarily,’ she emphasized.


2255, 12 January 2023


  1. Jason

    The spin from CNN is jaw dropping. They claim Biden’s final moments as VP were such a whirlwind that it’s completely excusable that some poor clerk simply mistakenly packed the boxes wrong.

  2. Mike

    Now they found a second stash next to a Corvette in Biden’s garage. makes sense, a 68 Corvette can lose 60 documents in 4,8 seconds.

  3. Merlin

    Aside from a bit of short term embarrassment nothing meaningful is going to happen with any of this. Classified information is the lifeblood of political influence peddling. Influence peddling/blackmail/bribery is the currency of the DC swamp. This is how members of the uniparty get paid. This is a bad movie and we already know how it ends.

    The special counsel appointment is the box into which all of the Biden family corruption woes disappear. Special counsels work for main Justice. Main determines the scope of the investigation and retains prosecutorial discretion. Main controls whether they operate in secret as John Durham has done to minimize exposures or leak like a sieve as Robert Mueller did to maximize public embarrassment to political foes. The creation of a special counsel also puts a huge dent in the enthusiasm of the congress critters to conduct their own investigations. They all have a new shield to hide behind.

  4. Mar

    I just wonder if Senile Joe Biden can declassify these documents and so problem solved.
    But his attorney never gave him that info.
    Someone is out to get Senile Joe. This could have been swept under the table, but it wasn’t.
    Could it be Kamala? Pete? Gavin?

  5. dad29

    Unnhh…..he can’t “solve the problem” post-facto. He did the crime and should do the time. Further, if you look at his entire M.O. over the years, he’s likely to lose a trial for Treason, too.

  6. Merlin

    >He did the crime and should do the time.

    I agree completely, but we’ve repeatedly witnessed a corrupt justice system issue exemptions to our political elite. Slow Joe will receive a political solution to his legal issues if he voluntarily leaves the stage. It’s the same offer the Clintons accepted and DJT continues to decline. China Joe will take it.

  7. dad29

    There’s one problem with Joe ‘leaving the stage.’ Kama Sutra. And it is a BIG F’n problem.

  8. Merlin

    Big problem for who? Harris checks two more boxes than Biden. She might prove to be a bit less malleable than China Joe, but she’s every bit as much a puppet and can perform before a smaller teleprompter. This country elected/selected Joe Biden, ffs. The bar ain’t that high.

    Dems get a new incumbent for ‘24, Biden and Trump’s legal woes wash away in a political compromise, Hunter agrees to a hefty fine for income tax evasion in lieu of further investigations, and the Pubbies get to perform dramatic investigations of the Bidens that result in nothing more than public ridicule. Not that they don’t deserve it, mind you, but none of these clowns are going to prison.

  9. Mar

    I saw his press conference and he looked more befuddled than ever.
    I would say he had the deer in the headlight look, but that would be dissing real deer. But in reality, it was like he knew, in his child mind ways, that he was done for.

  10. Jason

    Looking more and more like a deer with CWD…

  11. MjM

    The creation of a special counsel also puts a huge dent in the enthusiasm of the congress critters to conduct their own investigations. They all have a new shield to hide behind.

    This was an intentional 340lb lineman’s cross block attempting to impede any investigation by the now GOP-run House from gaining yardage.

    It makes any House inquiry or subpoena, be it for DOJ, FBI, Biden staffers, even National Archives, virtually useless. “Can’t talk about it” because “ongoing investigation”. That’s why Garland “acted quickly” – 3-1/2 months after he knew and only because of recent public disclosure – to appoint a SC: to shut everyone up.

    That doesn’t mean this is going to be buried.

    We’ve learned in the last couple days that some of the docs are Top Secret, that the UPenn docs had been moved twice to other unsecured temporary locations before ending up in BJs UPenn office, and that MethKid (and who knows who else) had free and clear access to the garage docs.

    We’ve learned that MethKid claimed he owned the house. Did BJ give it to him? Who owns it now? Who took the tax credit when MethKid said he owned it?

    We also know the Chinese G’vment dumped 10s of million$ into UPenn after the announcement of UPenn-Biden connection and that BJ was paid astronomical amounts by UPenn to do nothing. An inquiry by House Repubs into the timeline of these events would most interesting: when was the agreement with the ChiComs sealed? Also: How much of the ChiCom cash went/goes into the Biden-UPenn connection? Such an investigation could not be blocked by Garland nor his SC.

    The silly comparisons of Biden v Trump and spin doctoring by the liberal talking heads ain’t flying. BJ’s “locked up with my Corvette” was mocked by all sides. We’ve even seen some of the lefties in the WH press pool getting a little pissed off at the constant obfuscation and refusal to answer questions.

    The swamp will try its best to drown this quickly. With one chunk of the g’vment controlled by the opposition I don’t think they’ll succeed.

    You are correct about the lack of criminal charges. When the swamp controls justice, justice is not served. Which is precisely why the drip, drip, drip of sordid information, be it via congressional inquiry or off-stream journalism is so important. Relentless exposure of uncharged criminality, utter hypocrisy, back-door collusions and bribery are the only way to mark, stigmatize, and perhaps stop, the person, people, and polices responsible for such things.

    Maybe to the point, sometime in the future, when justice will actually be served.

  12. Mar

    “Looking more and more like a deer with CWD…”
    MVP territory.

  13. Tuerqas

    >Relentless exposure of uncharged criminality, utter hypocrisy, back-door collusions and bribery are the only way to mark, stigmatize, and perhaps stop, the person, people, and polices responsible for such things.

    But it doesn’t even do that does it? All we have ever seen is re-election campaigns from the dirtiest of stigmatisms. The key is always that the press is now Pravda, Government owned (or at least politically owned). No Dems believe Biden did anything wrong, they will all believe some staffer mis-labeled some boxes. They will believe exactly what their news sources tell them.
    Reps already think that Dems suck almost to the (wo)man, and Dems believe the same of all Republicans and their news sources follow. News doesn’t condemn or stigmatize both parties of Government anymore and haven’t in 21st century. So all CNN viewers will defend (and vote for) BJ unless he hangs it up after this term. Only people leaving the media eye can be thrown under the bus by both sides.

  14. Merlin

    Joe Biden was a temporary compromise in 2020 and that compromise has expired. Biden himself was never radical enough, but he was the necessary electable bait & switch vehicle to positioning another useful incumbent with the potential to finish out Joe’s only term and still be eligible for two consecutive terms of her own. If the family’s criminality scandal isn’t enough to persuade Dr. Jill to take Joe home for good, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to see their kinky sexual proclivities paraded publicly. None of this is about justice. It’s all about making the Bidens hold up their end of the original agreement.

  15. MjM

    But it doesn’t even do that does it?

    Sometimes yes. See: Youngkin v McAuliff
    Sometimes no. See: everyone involved in the fraudulent Russia Russia Russia.
    Sometimes sorta. See: Andrew Cuomo

    But just because you don’t bat 1000 doesn’t meant you stop stepping up to the plate. You wanna just give in? Hand it over?

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