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1927, 05 Jan 23

Migrants Flood Mexican Offices Seeking Asylum

Biden’s humanitarian crisis continues apace.

TAPACHULA/MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – Thousands of migrants have flocked to government offices in southern Mexico seeking asylum since the United States said it would keep restrictions used to quickly expel hundreds of thousands of migrants who have crossed the U.S.-Mexico border.




Ramirez said many migrants seek asylum to obtain documents they believe are necessary to traverse Mexico so they can then go to the U.S.-Mexico border later. Mexico has sought to contain mass movement of migrants toward the U.S. border by breaking up caravans and setting up checkpoints throughout the country.


Ramirez believed the mass of recent arrivals could be migrants from Cuba, Nicaragua and Haiti seeking to reach the United States before rules change.


“They’re trying to run,” he said.


1927, 05 January 2023


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