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1627, 02 Jan 23

Fascist President Threatens Companies

When it comes to energy companies, this president is all stick and no carrot.

In November, days before the midterm elections, Biden launched an attack on the industry, calling their record profits “a windfall of war,” not the result of anything “new or innovative.”


And now, his international energy envoy is calling on oil companies to think of American consumers.


“I think that the idea that financiers would tell companies in the United States not to increase production and to buy back shares and increase dividends when the profits are at all-time highs is outrageous,” Amos Hochstein told the Financial Times. “It is not only un-American, it is so unfair to the American public.”

And it’s pretty rich of a lifelong government creature who has never produced anything “new or innovative” to lambaste the productive part of society. His arrogance is truly astounding.


1627, 02 January 2023


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