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1643, 02 Jan 23

Florida Faces Foreign Invasion

Yes… “invasion” is the right word. American taxpayers are being deprived access to their land and forced to pay untold sums to funnel the invaders into the mainland. Our federal government is failing us. It is intentional.

Dry Tortugas National Park announced it would close on Monday after multiple migrant landings throughout the region over the past couple days shut down operations at the park.


A statement released by the park says it will “temporarily close to public access while law enforcement and medical personnel evaluate, provide care for and coordinate transport to Key West for approximately 300 migrants who arrived in the park over the past couple of days.”


A spokesperson for the U.S. Coast Guard would not confirm if the National Park’s estimate of how many migrants arrived is accurate, but said the Homeland Security¬†Task Force is currently rescuing several migrants from uninhabited islands in the park.


1643, 02 January 2023


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