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1747, 16 Dec 22

Leftists Remember that Free Speech is Important

Perhaps it took Musk actually pushing back to get Leftists to defend free speech again. Forgive me if I doubt their sincerity. They were silent when conservatives were being banned.

Stéphane Dujarric said on Friday the UN was “very disturbed” by the barring of prominent tech reporters at news organisations including CNN, the Washington Post and the New York Times who have written about Musk and the tech company he owns.

Dujarric said media voices should not be silenced on a platform that professed to be a haven for freedom of speech. “The move sets a dangerous precedent at a time when journalists all over the world are facing censorship, physical threats and even worse,” he told reporters.


1747, 16 December 2022


  1. Jason

    Even with the hard evidence that the Biden Administration, DOJ, and leading Liberal simps were in cahoots with the liberal leaning employees at Twitter. They don’t say a word until some of their own get some karma.

    BTW, Musk is a simp too and is worse than the worst Reddit moderator or insert your favorite Facebook Group and shitty mod here. He’s wrong just like the previous executives of Twitter were wrong.

  2. MjM

    Yet nary a peep from the “it’s a private company” leftist hypocrites about NBC erasing Miguel Almaguer a month ago, or suspending Ben “Mr. Misinformation” Collins today, or the banning of an entire news organization two years ago.

    And Jason, if you think suspending hack “journalists” and a three times fired psycho basement-dwelling commentator for exposing the exact time and location of your kid is the same as banning a joke website for naming a man a man, you’re losing it, bro.

  3. Jason

    Musk is using similar twisted logic on Live Tracking / Doxxing that liberal execs did on the Biden Laptop story.

    The day his kid was in the car during the alleged allegation… Elon’s plane wasn’t in the air. We’re missing exactly how that flight tracker revealed the “exact time and location of his kid”.

    Musk is an infantile child with more family issues than the Biden’s, the Clinton’s, the Trump’s, the Epstein’s, and the Weinstein’s combined.

  4. Jason

    >alleged allegation

    Alleged altercation.

  5. dad29

    “it’s a private company” leftist hypocrites

    You mean like Sykes, the National Review, the libertarians, and Captain Billy Kristol?

  6. jonnyv

    It IS a private company. If he wants to run it into the ground, by all means go ahead. Although I think that some of the issues he has created may be more of a problem in the EU, which is why they probably just reversed their entire “non-link” policy within 2 days.

    Watching Elon go from “absolute free speech-ist” to the same censorship policies that every other social media has is fun. He is trying to attack a “people problem” like an “engineering problem”. And he is flailing.

    The worst part about this is that his erratic behavior has caused a problem with my Tesla stock. But I have to wonder if this will cause people to start to look at other EVs more seriously and not just stick with the standard Tesla purchase. OR… maybe I can get a Tesla much cheaper now???

  7. Mar

    Johnny, it really isn’t a private company but as we have seen now, it was infiltrated by the government, which means it is now part of a government agency.

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