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1931, 18 Oct 22

Biden To Drain Critical Oil Reserves for Personal Political Gain

Biden is endangering our nation and costing taxpayers billions just to try to influence the midterm election. Lord help us if we get pulled into a shooting war with a military stripped of crucial arms and a depleted oil reserve.

Senior administration officials said Tuesday that President Biden is releasing 15 million more barrels from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR), in a move aimed at cutting persistently high energy and gas prices.


The senior administration officials said Biden will make the announcement in remarks Wednesday, less than three weeks before the midterm elections. Biden will also detail a plan to begin to refill the depleted oil cache when prices dip to $67-$72 per barrel, according to the officials.


1931, 18 October 2022


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Biden is awful. Just awful.

  2. MjM

    Biden is endangering our nation

    Since day 1 of his fool’s reign.

    It will cost you 3 times what it would have cost 2.5 years ago to refill, if thus ass ever gets around to actually doing so (don’t hold yer breath).

    But that’s not the only danger.

  3. dad29

    Won’t need it, MjM. The nuclear war he’s starting will diminish the demand for petroleum by about 90%

  4. Jason

    Hey, the old fart is upping the standard deduction within the IRS. My best guess is that for a married couple with 100k AGI, they will save almost 400 bucks on their 2023 income tax! How can one yell “whoopity fucking doo“ to a senile man who just pooped his pants? It would be crass.

  5. Mar

    But the old fart didn’t do it. It was written law much earlier. Senile Joe Biden had nothing to do with it

  6. jonnyv

    We should be subsidizing MORE people and communities by retrofitting their homes & buildings to more green friendly options. Solar generators, wind, heat pumps, geothermal, additional rebates on EVs, energy buyback programs, promote work from home etc, rather than just take the short term look at say, “How can we make oil cheaper.” The ways we make ourselves energy independent is to keep oil that is drilled here and make it less valuable by reducing its use and need.

    OPEC sets the prices, like it or not. And we don’t have much of a say in it. If they cut production to make prices increase, it sets the level for everyone.

  7. Merlin

    No, no! Joe and Corn Pop whupped Trump’s ass in a Philly back alley to get you that deduction! Left him for dead, they did!

  8. Merlin

    >Biden will also detail a plan to begin to refill the depleted oil cache when prices dip to $67-$72 per barrel, according to the officials.

    When The Donald wanted to fill’er up at $25 it was such a terrible idea. Now at $70 they think it’s pure genius. They’re hopeless.

  9. dad29

    We should be subsidizing MORE people and communities

    You want to write a check? Or are you one of those who believes in Magic Money–the stuff the Fed prints after it sells Magic Bonds?

  10. Mar

    Solar panel farms just is not possible in large cities, that’s just a plain fact.
    Wind power is a bigger polluter than oil and gas. Plus it kills thousands and thousands of birds. Jonny, do you hate birds so much?
    Work from home is possible for a very tiny of a fraction of people.
    Rebates for electric cars? Yeah, let’s subsidize the rich elite even more.
    Why didn’t you suggest nuclear power?

  11. MjM

    Daddio plays uranium chess: Won’t need it

    I dunno. I would think quite the opposite. Texas Tea will be needed to run generators and move lots of stuff about after a round of big flash. With the grid in electromatic shock you won’t be able to charge your F150 Lighting.

    Jason Celebrates Good Times, Come on! : “ …they will save almost 400 bucks…! “

    More like $176, which is now worth $140, so they can buy 2.75 days worth of groceries. Yeah, baby!

    JV gurgles the his usual lefty nonsense: ” OPEC sets the prices, like it or not”

    20 months ago we were setting the price.

    As for the rest of JV’s request, two letters; N and O.

  12. jonnyv

    Mar, I am cool with Nuclear. And my home kills a dozen birds a year from running into my bay windows. I am not concerned about the birds. Small number overall.And Solar can work in cities, rooftop buildings.

    If you think that new cars that are 40-50k are for the “rich elite”, you are out of touch.

  13. Jason

    >More like $176, which is now worth $140, so they can buy 2.75 days worth of groceries. Yeah, baby!

    Thanks. I figured that number was way too high to be true. Of course the almost $900,000.00 worth of adjustments in the estate tax mean what, about 2,000.75 days of groceries for the elites…

  14. Mar

    “If you think that new cars that are 40-50k are for the “rich elite”, you are out of touch.”
    Umm, yeah.
    With interest rates, down payments etc, I’m thinking you are out of touch.
    And if your home is killing a dozen of birds and you are good with that…well, that’s pretty sick.

  15. dad29

    Texas Tea will be needed to run generators and move lots of stuff about after a round of big flash.

    The nuke war–which will be full-out after Day One–will eliminate about 80% of the world’s population. Nobody left to NEED ‘lots of stuff’ and electricity, except for certain Very Important People who will be bunkered outside of Washington DC. And they can go F*** themselves….

  16. jonnyv

    Mar, I am TOTALLY fine with my home killing birds. They run into the windows often. Regardless of if we put up those silly decals to stop them. Some of them die, some don’t. I have a little grabber tool that we can pick them up with and throw them away. I would say about a dozen a year find their final resting place outside my house. I don’t concern myself with it in the slightest. Guess what, I also kill ants around my house. I am a MONSTER!

    Considering the starting price for a standard F150 is about 35K, and the base F150 Lightning is 52K, not including the 7.5K EV rebate. The hard part right now is actually GETTING vehicles.

    And I am too lazy to go back and look at who disagreed with me on this site, if it was Mar or Dad29. When they said that the standard car companies would NEVER sell direct to customers. But, here we are. Ford recently announced they are going to start selling their E-vehicles directly to customers, bypassing the traditional dealership model if the customer wants.

  17. dad29

    Why sure!!! If you want a 2-wheel drive regular cab F-150 with a 6-banger, $35K is the price. That’s literally a “farm truck,” and even you can figure out what that means. Count the number of regular cab 2WD’s you see on the street, pal. You won’t need 10 fingers even if you stretch it out to a week’s worth of looking. But they sell a fair number of those in the South.

    As to ‘direct sell’ of EV’s: it’s about 5% of vehicle sales, and it’s happening because–in THIS instance–dealers don’t want the business because, like GM, FoMoCo is forcing dealers to spend $$beaucoup to sell them. A lot of their dealers won’t spend the money for a negligible return (very low profit on the sale, very little service-department money after) so Ford almost HAS to sell direct. By the way, how is FoMoCo handling the trade-ins which are part of the deal? Or are they stiff-arming the trade-in customer?

    ICE is a whole different story.

  18. dad29

    JonnyV won’t answer Mar’s real question. Those bird-killers are knocking off all sorts of large birds out West, including eagles and vultures. And they are about 30% efficient. Nobody gives a damn about your picture-window massacre, Jonny.

    (Jonny doesn’t realize that the damn things are a tax-dodge for the utilities–he thinks they’re actually useful!)

  19. jonnyv

    Dad20, the wind farms can range anywhere from 30 -50% efficiency depending on the environment. I am a proponent of off-shore wind farms. I know that locals don’t necessarily like them and consider them an eye sore, but they harm less birds out there as well. But wind energy should just be a small portion of a larger issue to tackle. Combine that with geo-thermal, solar, and nuclear and you have a much more well rounded solution. I also think that the fed needs to mandate buy back programs from local electric companies.

    So Dad29, you are making the case for me that the base level F150 isn’t as common and the difference in price between the after F150 and the Lightning model is even smaller. One of the reasons they choose to sell direct is because dealers were trying to add extreme markups on the vehicles. Upwards of 30K in some instances. The demand for them was high, and the demand on new vehicles in general was extremely high. I had a friend out west buy a Rivian for about 80K and he could have flipped it for 120K the next day. But he chose to keep it. But as EVs become more of the norm, the dealerships will either have to adjust their sales habits or get squeezed out and become used car & service lots. More and more customers DONT want to deal with car salesman and just want a price to buy, and don’t want to haggle for new vehicles.

    As far as “trade-ins”, when you buy thru the app they have a trade-in option. The vehicle must pass a mandatory inspection at a dealer, probably all built into the price. Those prices are probably pulled directly from KBB.

    And Dad29, apparently Mar cared about my bay window yearly massacre.

  20. Mar

    Jonny,I live in Arizona and they just built a new wind farm north of where I live, in a very rural area.
    So, the factory had to produce the the blades and the base. How much energy did that cost
    Then they had to transport the parts from the Phoenix area to northern Arizona with at least 2 vehicles, the heavy duty truck and 3 Arizona DPS cars. that’s a 4 hour trip, at least.
    Then they had to assemble the parts, all using heavy rigs.
    And the batteries that they use to store what ever electricity pollutes even more where ever they mine from
    And this even before the wind mills porduce a single watt of energy.
    Then of course the rigs had to return to their bases.
    So, telltell me why this is green energy.

  21. dad29

    the wind farms can range anywhere from 30 -50% efficiency

    You’re bragging about THAT?

    So let’s build the nukes required for base-load. They’ll be ready to roll by………oh……..2035, with luck. Of course, you’re going to renew the operating licenses of the extant plants, too, right? Because right now those extant plants produce about 30% of Wisconsin’s electricity…..

    they choose to sell direct is because dealers were trying to add extreme markups on the vehicles That’s what I told you, using different words: the dealers didn’t want low-margin sales with zero prospects of service revenues. You DO understand business, right?

    We note with a smirk that FoMoCo must use dealers for their trade-in inspections. But you haven’t told me what FoMoCo is doing with the vehicle after the inspection. That’s because we all KNOW what they’re doing: auctioning it off to …………dealers.

    Car companies can NOT maintain new vehicle inventories on their books, nor can they purchase/maintain the acreage needed to place those vehicles near the consumers. Can the build-to-order? Yes–but that cycle will take a long damn time; consumers don’t like waiting……….waiting…………waiting………especially when their old heap is dead or seriously wounded.

    You can chatter all day long about not liking the dealer-sales process and the well-off don’t really have to go through it. But the vast majority of car buyers (80++%) have to and they will. Your Utopia ain’t gonna happen.

  22. Mar

    Please don’t forget that electric cars and batteries are extreme firefire danger. It takes about 2-3hours at a minimum to put these car fires.
    So you are taking the numerous fire companies to to fight the fires out of service for several hours and leaving those who live close to their fire station at an increased risk in case of fire or EMS

  23. jonnyv

    The site found that hybrid vehicles had the most fires per 100,000 sales at 3474.5. There were 1529.9 fires per 100k for gas vehicles and just 25.1 fires per 100k sales for electric vehicles.

  24. dad29

    Yah, well, hybrids have batteries, too.

    But hey! They’re only about twice as likely to be cinders than gasoline cars, so that’s really neat!!!

    Only problem is that the damn fires NEVER go out. FD’s have thought they did the job, only to have the junked car set itself ablaze again in the junkyard.

  25. Mar

    Actually, it can take 5-7 hours to put out an electric car fire.
    And when the hurricane hit Florida, when salt water hot into the batteries and caused many electric car fires.
    Don’t how many gas cars went up in flames but probably not many

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