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2123, 19 Oct 22

Milton Teacher Quits After Being Exposed as a Perv

This is not normal or acceptable behavior from an adult in a position of authority.

There were two high school girls from Milton and one from another district. The girls from Milton claimed they were in college, but the teacher knew the third girl was a minor, according to police.


“A small part of the conversations could be considered risqué but would not be inappropriate if the conversation was happening between two adults,” according to the press release.


Three of the messages were shared throughout the community. They include an image of man in an orange shirt with the following captions:


“Damn you’re cute. Have a boyfriend?”


“Been single for about a month. But you’re hot too. What class are you in?”


“I can stop bothering you if you’d prefer. But I’d like to see more of you.”


Parents identified the man as 8th grade math teacher David Kroeze. He was also a soccer coach and an advisor for the “Genders & Sexualities Alliances” club. Given the content of the messages, parents find it hard to believe Kroeze did not recognize the girls as minors.


2123, 19 October 2022


  1. Mar

    Teachers are the new groomers.
    And that’s sad because I was a teacher for 20 years.
    And I have seen it first hand.

  2. jonnyv

    Mar, that is a ridiculous statement. Can you prove that teachers have a higher rate of sexual misconduct than any other particular profession? You can’t. They are some of the most highly publicized though, because there is something burnt into our brains when we hear about them. Al we can think is “fox in the hen house” and speculate.

    My guess is that they are no more likely than any other profession that is in direct contact with children. Camp counselors, health professionals, priests, etc.

    It is statements like this that are driving GOOD teachers out of the profession.

  3. Mar

    Yeah Jonnyv, that’s more than any profession, even with the Catholic Church personnel.

  4. Merlin

    >Mar, that is a ridiculous statement. Can you prove that teachers have a higher rate of sexual misconduct than any other particular profession?

    If you’ve had any youth protection training you’ve been taught to recognize and eliminate the public environments in which pedos thrive. Reducing opportunity is the prime deterrent. Nobody is afforded opportunity like teachers. There is nobody else who spends 40 hours a week in direct contact with children. It’s pedo heaven. Even the undiscovered pedos have sat through the same youth protection training as everyone else. It makes their game harder, but certainly not impossible.

    A comparable pool of workers who have the same degree of daily contact with minors that teachers have is incredibly small. That pool may not extend much beyond pediatricians, pediatric nurses, and child daycare workers. Even the pediatricians and pediatric nurses don’t see the same kids everyday. Nobody is afforded opportunity like teachers. Pedos go where the kids are.

  5. Mar

    And Jonny, there are many reason why good teachers are leaving the school.
    First, let’s start with teaching to the test. Yes, that’s a GWBush requirement and it is a disaster.
    Then you have requirements that state climate change is a fact.
    And that schools shut down for reason during the supposed pandemic.
    And let’s not forget about teacher unions that favor teachers vs the best of interest of students, especially in inner city schools.

  6. Mar

    Merlin, you are right. Criminals go where there is the least where the opportunity is ripe.
    10 years ago, it is was clergy.
    Now, its teachers and other school personnel.
    Who knows what profession is next.

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