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0646, 02 Mar 22

Echoes of Crimea

Eight years ago this week, Putin was invading and taking over Crimea. I wrote a column about it. Here’s a part:

“Hagel proposes downsizing Army to smallest size in decades.” – Associated Press 2/24/14
“Hagel: Dominance of US military ‘can no longer be taken for granted’” – The Daily Caller 2/24/14
“In Crimean capital Simferopol, pro-Russian gunmen seize key buildings.” – BBC 2/27/14
“Obama to Russia: Stay out of Ukraine.” – Politico 2/28/14
“Ukraine erupts as Russian troops take over Crimea.” – New York Post 3/1/14
As American President Obama scolds, Russian President Putin acts. Putin acts without fear of American might because President Obama has proven time and time again that his words have nothing behind them.
Putin is engaging in realpolitik as America and the rest of the west issues stern warnings and threatens to pull out of the upcoming G8 conference. I’m sure Putin is shaking in his boots at the thought of another gravely-delivered content-free oration from President Obama.
Events do happen in the world that have nothing to do with America or our foreign policy, but this is not one of them. The fact is that Obama’s foreign policy has been an utter failure. He came into office apologetic of America’s might and influence on the world stage. In five years of his administration, we have seen a steady decline in our ability or willingness to influence events around the world.
And now we see the fruit of our president’s intentional neutering of American power in the world. Russia will almost certainly succeed in taking over Ukraine – one way or another. America will stand by and watch with crossed brows and impotent arms. And the downsizing of our military will continue based on fantastical world visions of unicorns and rainbows and glitter emanating from the White House.
When the Eagle sleeps, the Bear rises.
It’s no mystery that as Biden has returned us to Obama’s policies – weaken the military; high oil prices; lead from behind – Putin has returned to conquering his neighbors.

0646, 02 March 2022


  1. Merlin

    No mystery at all.

  2. Mar

    Oh, but Senile Joe is much worse. First, he is led around like a dog owner walks their dog. He has no clue what is going on. Confusing Iranian and Ukrainian people? Seriously?
    Then whoever is putting words in his mouth haven’t a clue of what’s going on in America. They have no clue about inflation, higher and higher gad prices and certainly are in Putin’s pocket. I wonder how much Puton is paying him and Hunter to level very low level sanctions.

  3. Merlin

    >Then whoever is putting words in his mouth haven’t a clue of what’s going on in America.

    We need to stop describing their malicious intent as mere incompetence. They’re executing a well planned agenda with relative efficiency. Barak Obama told the world that he was going to fundamentally change America. It’s not like he lied to anyone. Americans then not only reelected him, but Americans then elected his obviously brain addled vassal to continue the transformation. Ascribing current conditions to incompetence as if awaiting some epiphany by future Democrats will result in corrective actions is pure folly. Not going to happen.

  4. Jason

    And the ignorance, intolerance, and hatred of Leroy is really telling the past couple of posts here… all he has talked about is what President Donald Trump said. Not one word about the people suffering, dying, starving, hurting… not one word about the abject failure and record low polling of the Executive Branch of our government. No, he spends his time spreading lies about what former President Trump says and does. A bigger jackass, I have not encountered.

  5. Tuerqas

    I agree merlin and I have said it before, if you know the real motivations of the liberal leaders, there is little incompetence, just a plan that even the staunchest liberal followers would gasp at.

  6. Mar

    “just a plan that even the staunchest liberal followers would gasp at.”
    No, I disagree. The staunchest liberals do support tyranny and taking away rights. Just look at Le Roi. He wanted to restrict travel between counties when the Chinese flu started.

  7. Tuerqas

    Why Mar? Why did he want that done? Because he thought it through and realizes all of the sneaky precedents it was setting for future liberal power plays? Because he saw how it could play upon the fears of regular people to vote for Democrats to ‘save’ them? Or was it because he was told that by his lib news sources and it had the word science in the feed?
    You don’t get it both ways even for Nord. Either he is a dupe without an original thought in his head as all the evidence points to, or he actually understands the current liberal agenda.

  8. Mar

    I wasn’t talking about the leasers, I was talking about their followers. Their followers are sheep, they wouldn’t gasp at anything unless they were told to gasp. Just look at Le Roi, he follows the party line and refuses to condemn even the worst of the worst liberal, likevtge Pervert judge who is in prison for watching babies being raped. If you cannot even sayv1 bad thing about that, you are brainwashed.

  9. Merlin

    I think we need to start drawing some distinctions about modern lefties. Calling them all Liberals just doesn’t cut it anymore since so few of them actually fit what we tend to think of as traditional liberals. I’d put Tulsi Gabbard down as a traditional liberal, but a liberal who no longer has a place within the Democrat Party. Manchin seems to have the same problem. They’ve rapidly become liberals without a home. You can coexist with these people because you can still find common ground with them. Usually.

    I have an extended family full of lifelong unionista tradesmen who have quit voting Democrat because they just can’t tolerate the batshit crazy marxists who dominate the party. Very conservative people by nature who have always somewhat puzzled me. How do you categorize Democrat trade unionists wearing MAGA hats?

    Then there are the sheep who are content to simply be herded about by whoever feeds them. Or promises to feed them, but never actually gets around to it. They live to be lied to and never tire of those lies. I don’t consider them liberals at all, but hopeless simpletons satisfied with perpetually unfulfilled promises.

  10. Mar

    Merlin, you are right about Gabbard, I might have even voted for her over Trump except she is a vegan.
    As far as Manchin, he is an independent. Certain not a Democrat but also not a Republican either.
    Kirsten Sinema baffles me. She belonged to the Green Party. I’m guessing she is looking at reelection in a few years. I’m thinking she will see how our other Senator, Mark Kelly, does this year. If he wins, Sinema probably go back to being a hard core liberal

  11. Tuerqas

    “I don’t consider them liberals at all, but hopeless simpletons satisfied with perpetually unfulfilled promises.”

    Unfortunately for all but the overlords this group accounts for a lot of voters.
    But, if a liberal doesn’t vote Democrat, and still considers him/herself a liberal, fine I agree with the distinction. I suppose I can start using ‘Democrat’ again, because if you are one, you are either in the know and profiting or not in the know and hurting yourself and your country by voting for them. Years ago, I had to make the distinction to use liberal instead of Democrat because there was such a thing as a ‘Democrat voting conservative’ and they complained when I used the term Democrat. Now it has changed to a liberal who won’t vote democrat, according to you, Merlin, and I’ll take your word for it. I know of none, myself. Every person I know that identifies themselves as liberal votes for Democrats as the sicency best choice out there. They would have real opinions on blogs like this, but again, I have seen none lately.

  12. dad29

    I might have even voted for her over Trump except she is a vegan.

    Yah, but she’s a HOTTIE vegan.

  13. Merlin

    >Yah, but she’s a HOTTIE vegan.

    Surfer girl, too!

  14. Mar

    Putin is afraid of potato head Biden. If Senile Joe had at least 1 ball, Putin would not be bombing nuclear power plants or apartment buildings.
    If Senile Joe had two balls, Russia wouldn’t be cracking down journalists or shooting civilians on the street.
    If Senile Joe were like President Trump, Putin would never have invaded Ukraine.

  15. dad29

    Mar, you forget something very important: Biden is like the straw man in Wizard of Oz: he does not have a brain. Worse, his advisers–like Nuland–are actually running the exact same plays they did back in 2014, and they will get the exact same results. Russia gets land, US gets screwed.

    Further, Putin did not “bomb” a nuke facility. The Ukies set fire to the training building on the site after losing a firefight to the Russkies who now are in charge of that plant.

  16. Mar

    “Further, Putin did not “bomb” a nuke facility. The Ukies set fire to the training building on the site after losing a firefight to the Russkies who now are in charge of that plant.”
    Well, I’ll wait for an investigation

  17. Mar

    Well, with MShed Potato Brain Biden, Putin played him like a Stradivarius,
    Zelensky, President of Ukraine, is playing both and acting like a genius.

  18. Mar

    The war coverage has been a blessing for Senile Joe.
    Gas prices have hit an all time in Las Vegas. Diesel prices have jumped over 60 cents a gallon just in 1 week and many trucks are now off the road. Prices have gone up almost a dollar a gallon in a month.
    This is probably one of the biggest man made , self inflicted disasters in history.
    Fuck Joe Biden

  19. MjM

    A blessing? I don’t think so. Distraction, of course, giving the leftstream media something to finger-point and blab about other than the continuing American Decline, which they try to hide anyway.

    To the contrary, the more they blab and try to spin this “war” the more the public eye-rolls at yet another Babblin’ Joe failure. At this point, with leftstream out of full control of information, I suggest it is even expected. As in, “What did Biden F up now?”

    I would think a majority of Americans are too busy dealing with recovering from the CCPvirus insanity and the all the added crap handed to them by BJ over the last year+ to really give a rat’s ass about Ukrainian/Russian/Euro relationships. What they DO know is that they are paying another $8 more than last week to fill up their 18 gallon tank, not to mention another $30+ on this weeks grocery list, and with no end in site.

    That speaks way louder than any Snuffy Snuffanopoulos can.

  20. Mar

    So, we may or may not stop taking Russian oil.
    So Senile Joe’s new is to get it from Venezuela.
    Sure support another dictatorship, that’ll the problem.
    Name one thing Senile Joe has done that was better than President Trump.
    Vivid: Nope
    Inflation: Nope
    Gas prices: Nope
    Afghanistan: Nope
    The southern border: Oh hell no.
    Saying? Senile Joe has Trump beat by a country mile plus a continent
    So, liberals, name thing that has improved by President Poopy Pants.

  21. Merlin

    We’re just watching a rerun here. The West has already conceded Ukraine to the Russians. It’s a done deal. The sanctions are just feel good chest thumping theater meant to cover their retreat from a fight and even those will fade quickly as they’re rationalized away in favor of a return to normalcy. Events in Ukraine won’t stand in the way of global commerce for very long. Putin’s puppet government in Ukraine will be formally recognized by the UN by Christmas and Blinken will be near the front of the line to kiss the new ring.

  22. Mar

    Merlin, I think the Ukrainian people might have a different opinion than yours.

  23. dad29

    No doubt the Ukies have a different opinion.

    But it’s tanks and missiles that count.

  24. Merlin

    >Merlin, I think the Ukrainian people might have a different opinion than yours.

    I have no doubt that they will do everything they can to avoid their fate. Just as they should. I also have no doubt that western governments and NGOs will benefit from funding a covert insurgency in Ukraine until Putin’s new proxy crushes that too.

    The security assurances Ukraine was given in exchange for abandoning their nuclear deterrence capabilities have proven absolutely worthless, once again proving that the western world is less than trustworthy. There are myriad rationalizations for why Ukraine has been deemed expendable, but not much thought given to the unintended future consequences for having done so. Every wannabe third world dictator seeking nuclear capabilities has learned a life lesson here. You’ll never again convince one NOT to pursue mutually assured destruction deterrence through nuclear capabilities and those already possessing them will never, ever give them up. Little Un has undoubtable been paying attention.

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