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0715, 14 Dec 21

Mandates Fuel Distrust in Government

One could argue, and I would, that distrust of government is a fundamental characteristic of a free people. Our entire American system of government was designed to diffuse power and assumes that all people are corruptible.

Only 19% of Europeans include their government among their most trusted sources of reliable information on Covid-19 vaccines, according to a survey conducted in May 2021 by the European Barometer, a collection of cross-country public opinion surveys conducted regularly on behalf of the EU’s institutions.


Essentially, people who trust institutions need no convincing in the face of a pandemic; people who don’t are unlikely to be influenced at all.
Sophie Tissier, who organizes protests against Covid-19 restrictions and vaccines in France, says that these protests have created a new political force that is radical but goes beyond party political lines.
She says her group seeks to “create a citizens’ opposition which is beyond electoral considerations and much more like a watchdog that sits outside the world of politics to be able to tell it: ‘Look here, you are no longer protecting our rights, you are no longer protecting our rights under the law.'”
In other words, forced vaccination might push people into vaccination centers but it will also drive some of them to the streets, confirming and further fueling their deeply held suspicion of “the system.”

0715, 14 December 2021


  1. Mar

    Since most of the mandates are being implemented by democrats and RINOs, I’ve noticed that many people are starting to dislike those government “leaders”.
    I live about 60 miles from the California border, and those who travel and stop here are shocked to learn there are no mask or vacciine mandates. When I worked in Los Angeles County at the beginning of the year, the people I talked to were shocked we didn’t require masks.
    And people are fleeing California and as Don Surber said in a meme, Gavin Newsome is the U-Haul employee of the year

  2. Mar

    It seems like the highest rate of infections are happening mostly in highly regulated, mandates from hell states.
    It’s a virus, deal with it your own way.

    And if you meet a Karen or a tyrant that tells you to wear a mask or get a vaccine, just tell them you will meet them in the afterlife, and wave to them as they go down to hell.

  3. Le Roi du Nord

    Some facts:

    In the US:

    You are 5 times more likely to catch Covid if you aren’t vaccinated.

    You are 13 times more likely to die from Covid if you aren’t vaccinated.

    Local statistics: deaths due to Covid per population:

    LA County, CA: 1 in 367
    Mohave County, AZ 1 in 193
    LaPaz County, AZ 1 in 201
    Dane County, WI 1 in 1374.

    Get vaccinated, mask up in crowds. Keep you and others safe.

    Have a great Holiday Season.

  4. Mar

    From the Kingman Daily Miner: “The case fatality rate in the county is 2.8%, meaning 28 of every 1,000 individuals who have contracted the virus have died. Approximately 15.8% of Mohave County residents are known to have been infected.”
    And Lying Le Roi lies again.

  5. Mar

    I also.mught add, is that Mohave County is a snowbird and California magnet. I am sure many of those who died in Mohave County were not permanent residents of Mohave County.

  6. Mar

    Finally, Laughlin, NV, a casino town that has a decent population but has a huge number of tourists, especially this time of year and Laughlin does not have a hospital. They have to go to Bullhead City AZ or Mohave Valley for treatment. They get added into our statstics

  7. Mar

    Finally… again, using Lying Le Roi’s stats, over 10,000 would have died in Mohave County.
    Tragically, about 1100 have died in the County.
    But far less than Lying Le Roi stated.

  8. Le Roi du Nord

    Gee whiz mar, simple arithmetic has you baffled and confused yet again. No sense talking facts with you if this easy math is beyond your comprehension.

  9. Mar

    Again, since you no intellifent response, you admit you are lying again.
    Where did you get your sources?
    Show me where I am wrong.
    Otherwise, just go away.

  10. Le Roi du Nord

    I used population data from the County, as well as COVID data compiled by, among others, the County. All updated in the last few days. The math is simple.

    Now that is an intelligent response. Not that you would comprehend.

    And looky there, another “conservative” promoting cancel culture.

  11. Mar

    Bulllshit, you are lying.
    Once again, you are caught lying.
    Give me a link.

  12. Mar

    One question Lying Le Roi, why do you lie so much?

  13. Le Roi du Nord

    No lies involved, little fella. All the numbers I used were easily obtainable and from reputable sources, including the county. So do your own work if you think you can do better. Calling me a liar doesn’t offset your lack of ambition and ability. Probably the driving force in your life and career.

  14. Mar

    Again, Lying Le Roi. Why do you feel the need to lie?

  15. Mar

    Oh, I n LA Paz county , they had a total of 105 chineseviruz deaths.
    By your stats they should have around 42 deaths, so your figures are wrong again, moron.

  16. Le Roi du Nord


    Again, no lies on my part, mar.

    You need to complain to your grade school math teachers, as you were poorly taught, or weren’t paying attention. How you got 42 is just as wrong as your other miscalculations. Your local tech college probably has remedial math classes for older adults.

    PS: I got my data from La Paz County and other reputable sources.

  17. Le Roi du Nord


    The data in the article you posted “Covid Killing spree continues” confirms the numbers I originally posted. Had you done the math you would have known that.

  18. Mar

    Keep on lying , Lying Karen Le Roi.
    You have nothing.
    Won’t even provide a source or link.
    Just pathetic. But not surprising.

  19. Mar

    And Lying Le Roi, accord to your statistics, LA County had about 10,00 deaths but in reality, there have had over 27,000 deaths.
    Why do you lie so much Lying Le Roi?

  20. Le Roi du Nord


    Do the math. My numbers are correct. Where on earth did you come up with 10,00 ? Reality is a bummer for you, isn’t it?


    I provided sources, even used the numbers in the link you provided to confirm.

  21. Mar

    Still no link or source, Lying Karen Le Roi.
    You say it is reputable but won’t supply a link.
    Just pathetic.

  22. Le Roi du Nord

    Still too lazy to do your own work, eh mar?

  23. Mar

    And you are too lazy to prove a link.
    And just your word is no good since you have been caught lying so many times.

  24. Mar

    And you information about LA Paz county I’d also not correct. Not only does the hospital take in patients from LA Paz County, the hospital also serves people from San Bernardino Vounty in California,the ones that live across the Colorado River from LA Paz county.

  25. Mar

    From the NY Post: “A new study out of Columbia University says the Omicron variant is “markedly resistant” to vaccines and boosters might not do much to help, spelling bad news for the country as Omicron spreads and COVID-19 cases rise nationally.”
    Do, tell me again why I should get the vaccine?
    I know of 5 people who got the vaccine for Covid and each person had to take multiple days off because of the side effects of the vaccines.
    So, again, why should I take the vaccine?

  26. Le Roi du Nord

    mar, I can’t prove a link, nor can you. That would be up to the fact checkers.

    It doesn’t matter who the hospital takes in, nor where they are from, but what numbers are reported from the county. Unless you want to dispute what the county reported with your version of reality. Watching that should be fun.

    “I know of 5 people who got the vaccine for Covid and each person had to take multiple days off because of the side effects of the vaccines.” That is known as an anecdote, and has no more relevance or validity than reading tarot cards or tea leaves. I could make a claim to know of over 100 people that have been vaccinated, and none missed a day of work ( which is 100% true). Maybe we are tougher folk up here.

    Get the vaccine to protect yourself and others. Follow the science, not a politician or pillow salesman. And surely not rojo.

  27. Mar

    Si, you cannot prove a link or where you got your information.
    So, you admit you lied.
    Thank you.

  28. Le Roi du Nord

    Si, I can’t prove a link, but I did use information from one you provided to confirm my original thesis. So that make you the week link here if you don’t believe the numbers.

    No, I did not admit I lied. You made that all up.

  29. Mar

    So, you admit you lied…again.
    Thank you for proving me right again.

  30. Jason

    >Si, I can’t prove a link,

    See, you have to be a smart ass and point out a spelling error… and then do this…

    >So that make you the week link


  31. Le Roi du Nord

    No j, that was intended, as in “mar is the weak link, weekly”. Heck, it’s more like hourly.

  32. Jason

    >No j, that was intended, as in “mar is the weak link, weekly”. Heck, it’s more like hourly.

    Nice try, but you fucked up twice in that sentence, you dishonest little prick. If you have to try to lie about something like this, you’re lying about everything little man.

  33. Mar

    “That is known as an anecdote, and has no more relevance or validity than reading tarot cards or tea leaves.”
    And another dumbass postby Lying Karen Le Roi. You ever hear of VAERs?

  34. Le Roi du Nord

    Sure mar, folks have adverse reactions to all sorts of things, but that doesn’t make your comment that I quoted any more or less truthful than mine. They are both anecdotal and in the truth and veracity world mean nothing. But my claim is 100% true, yet you call me a liar.

  35. Mar

    Keep on with you BS crap, Lying g Karen Le Roi.
    And you refuse to provide your sources and your word is about as useful as giving a blind person a CDL, since you have lied so much here.

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