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0633, 14 Dec 21

Don’t let politics ruin your holiday gathering

My column for the Washington County Daily News is online and in print. Here’s the start:

I have read several opinion pieces over the last few weeks about how people are telling their family that they will not celebrate the holidays with them because of politics or COVID or both, since COVID has become inexplicably intertwined with one’s political views. In order to help keep the peace, allow me to suggest some conversation topics that will not ruin a good family Christmas gathering.


First, let it be said that if you are forgoing a traditional family gathering because you disapprove of some of your family’s political views, then you should really reevaluate your priorities. Politics are important, but there is a lot of life to be lived outside of them. If your politics are more important than your family to the point that you cannot even spend a few hours in their presence, then your priorities are wrong.


Second, if you feel the need to scold a family member about their politics or COVID protocols when you decline an invitation to attend their holiday party, you are a jerk. There are plenty of polite ways to decline a party without insulting the person who invited you. Consider who the intolerant one is in this situation.


If you are going to be a grown-up and attend a family gathering with people of different political and social stripes, here are a few handy topics to make the time enjoyable.


0633, 14 December 2021


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    I don’t have any really crazy leftist family.

  2. Mar

    You’re lucky there, Kevin.

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