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1726, 11 Dec 21

Tornadoes Tear Up Midwest

Prayers for all those affected. Mother Nature can be a B sometimes.

A devastating tornado outbreak has killed dozens of people across multiple states, with Kentucky possibly seeing its deadliest tornado system ever, officials said.


As many as 70 people are believed to have been killed in western Kentucky, and the death toll could exceed 100, according to Gov. Andy Beshear. Those numbers “could rise significantly,” he said Saturday afternoon.




The Associated Press has confirmed the deaths of 30 people across five states, including 22 in Kentucky, from the storms, as search and rescue missions are ongoing.


“Dozens” were killed at a candle factory in Mayfield, where 110 people were working when the storm hit Friday night, Beshear said at a 4 a.m. press conference. Around 40 people were evacuated, although the facility had major structural damage from the storm and housed dangerous equipment, he said late Saturday morning.

We just recently spent a fair amount of time in Western Kentucky. It’s a wonderfully beautiful area with good people. Horrible to see this happen.


1726, 11 December 2021


  1. Mar

    It makes Mr sonderr what kind of warning system Amazon and the candle factory.
    Did they know about the tornado warnings and if so, did they have an emergency plan and did they implement it?
    Or did the supervisor roll the dice and continued production thinking that the odds of a tornado hitting them were quite low.

  2. Mar

    I also wonder how many dumbasses and the uneducated think this was due to climate change.

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