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1746, 11 Dec 21

“moving beyond living in self-imposed exile to a strategy of risk assessment and mitigation”

Fact check: true.

Amid the battles breaking out over vaccine mandates and the impact on those who have chosen not to be inoculated against COVID, there’s strong evidence to suggest that people are “over it,” as the kids say these days.


None of this is meant to dismiss the toll the virus continues to take on the globe, where the death toll has spiraled inexorably higher (over 5 million worldwide and counting), even with the presence of vaccines. To be sure, there are many with underlying conditions, or loved ones considered high risk, who are still cautious or outright paranoid, and with good reason.


Yet evidence everywhere suggests that vast numbers of people — and not just the mostly maskless hordes gathered to watch Phil Collins and Company at the Garden — are moving beyond living in self-imposed exile to a strategy of risk assessment and mitigation. Holiday gatherings, including office parties, are starting to look a lot like they did pre-COVID.


1746, 11 December 2021


  1. Mar

    People are starting to think for themselves instead listening to the fake doctor Fauci, Senile Joe and the othe other tyrannical rulers.
    They see the elite not following the same Chinese virus protocols that the elite set up. They are seeing that masks don’t work, the vaccination mandates are unconstitutional and un-American. And many are finally understanding that this is a virus and there’s not much that you can do about it.

  2. Billiam

    People are also seeing the tyrannical bs Australia and countries within the EU are implementing and saying “Piss off!” Many are also starting to become aware of some of the nastier side-effects of the mRNA pokes, including the large number of deaths involved, and starting to ask why they haven’t been reported by the Propaganda Networks. Also, as Mar mentions, the hypocrisy of the ‘elites’.

  3. Mar

    I am really surprised about Australia. They portray themselves (See Australian Rules Football) as tough guys but they wilt like a flower who hasn’t been watered for a week. I guess when you have your guns taken away, you cede power to the government.
    New Zealand, not surprised. That’s where men are men and the sheep run scared.

  4. Tuerqas

    Another 45 million and they can reach the levels of the Spanish flu in just one year. And that was when there was under 2 billion people in the world. How does that compare? Spanish flu deaths were about 2368 per 100,000. Covid deaths are about 63 per 100,000 worldwide.
    Did we lose so many freedoms in 1917 and 1918? It has already happened in a far worse way. So no, you need people who have no interest in freedom or the former American way of life to be running the country to have so much taken away. A contagious virus does not equal tyranny, people who want to be tyrants is what causes tyranny.

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