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1706, 10 Dec 21

Rules for Thee

The real social divide is between the rulers and the ruled. But it also reveals the fact that our rulers don’t really believe in the rules they are passing. So if they don’t sincerely think that the restrictions will stem the virus, then why, ask yourself, are they enacting them?

There’s often outcry when a public figure eschews covid rules – but even more so when those breaking the rules are the same ones who set them.


How can the government expect the public to follow its restrictions when its top officials fail to do so, is the often-repeated question. In 2020, guideline-flouting officials faced backlash across the world – from New Zealand to Ireland to Canada to the United States.




On Saturday, Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin went clubbing – until 4 a.m., according to one report – only hours after a cabinet colleague and close contact tested positive for the coronavirus.


Photos of the maskless 36-year-old prime minister at a Helsinki nightclub went viral, prompting some disapproval from critics who deemed her actions irresponsible. Others on social media, however, just voiced their amazement and admiration at the leader’s stamina.


After her foreign minister tested positive, Marin was advised that she would not have to quarantine because she was fully vaccinated. But afterward, she was given notice via text that she should quarantine after all. She had left her work phone home during her night out, however, and missed the text.


1706, 10 December 2021


  1. dad29

    Was at event last night in Dane County. Some flunky at the door “reminded” me that there’s a mask mandate. Told him I just came from America–a free country.

    The guy laughed. He knew, and I knew. My wife? Mortified.

  2. Mar

    It is hard to take the Chinese virus seriously when those tyrants who impose their draconian rules and mandates on the peasants but don’t follow the rules.
    Like Senile Joe and Nancy Pelosi, AOC, Fat Boy Prirtzker, Beetlejuice Whitefoot of Chicagi, Gavin Newsone, etc…

  3. Mar

    Off topic but Shit for Brains Biden just blamed the tornadoes yesterday on global warming along with the wildfires.
    When I say shit for brains Biden, that really is an understatement.
    He could be dumber than Lying Le Roi. Though, it is really close in who is dumber. Neither have more than 3 brain cells.

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