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0810, 30 Sep 21

International Shipping Infrastructure in Crisis

Our overreaction to COVID is causing far more devastation than the virus itself.

A coalition of unions that represent shipping workers around the world has warned of an imminent ‘global transport systems collapse’ due to lingering impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic.


In an open letter on Wednesday, the workers groups warned that fragmented and inconsistent pandemic restrictions around the world have thrown global shipping into chaos.


The warning comes as supply-chain backlogs leave scores of cargo ships idling outside US ports, exacerbating shortages caused by a national truck driver shortage that threatens to derail the Christmas shopping season.


‘We are witnessing unprecedented disruptions and global delays and shortages on essential goods including electronics, food, fuel and medical supplies,’ the shipping workers warned.


0810, 30 September 2021

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  1. Mar

    Things are going to get even worse.
    Fuel prices for trucks just went up another 10 cents a gallon last week and well and about $1.50 a gallon since January.
    When a truck uses 200 gallons a day, that’s a significant increase in costs.
    Thanks Truck Driver Joe.

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