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1812, 30 Sep 21

People Will Comply If you Threaten to Bankrupt Them

Shocking. If you coerce people into something by threatening to take away their livelihood, a lot of people will comply. Bullying and coercion works. Entire criminal enterprises have been based on this fact. That doesn’t make it right.

California’s requirement for all health care workers to be vaccinated against the coronavirus, which took effect Thursday, appears to have compelled tens of thousands of unvaccinated employees to get shots in recent weeks, bolstering the case for employer mandates.


1812, 30 September 2021


  1. Mar

    Heroes one day, scum of the earth the next.
    Welcome to the dictatorship of the United States.

  2. Merlin

    I wonder if counterfeiting immunization cards for fun and profit has become a new California side hustle.

  3. dad29

    There are several hundred sites on the interwebs where one can download the card; and they have instructions as to how to fill it out to deceive most people. Face it: which restaurant is going to look REALLY hard at the card? Who has the time for that s***?

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